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The 5G gaming revolution


The implementation of  5G technology,  and the evolution of 4G, is growing at a rapid pace around the world. According to data collected by Statista, by the end of August 2020, 5G was already commercially available in 38 countries, and in 2026 it could exceed 3.3 billion users! In fact, it is estimated that this technology could reach 1 billion users in just 3 and a half years, a colossal number considering that it took 3G 12 years to achieve this reach.

This transformation represents a technological leap that will boost the connectivity of multiple devices (it is estimated that more than 1 million per square kilometer), allowing a fast web response and a better integration of people, regions and services. The impact on different industries will be powerful. For example, in the gaming sector, the experience will improve exponentially.

3 reasons why 5G will revolutionize the gaming experience

Do you belong to the gamer world and are you interested in learning more? Discover here some of the main reasons why this network will revolutionize your gaming experience.

Reduced latency from 5G gaming

One of the most important features of  5G wireless technology  is its improved latency (or “lag”). The time it takes for data to travel from one device to another location will be much less, 1 or 2 milliseconds, a significant reduction compared to the 20 milliseconds of current 4G networks.

This will deliver high reliability and instant, seamless online gaming relationships, on a network that supports high-definition graphics and split-second interactive capability. Excellent news for the 63% of gamers playing online with other players, where the main problem they face is lag. If you identify with this problem, start saying goodbye to frozen screens and find solutions to reach the end of the game without problems.

Higher network speed

The speeds achieved by 4G networks are up to 1GB/s, much lower than the 10GB/s of 5G technology. Thus, for example, game downloads could take a few seconds, and those players who need a higher network speed to operate continuously will no longer suffer from this type of problem. 

To give you an idea, and considering an ideal connection, an average 40GB PS4 or PS5 game would take around 4 seconds to download (compared to 4-5 hours with 4G). PC games like Fortnite, which with a 4G network can be downloaded in 20 minutes in a very optimal case, with 5G technology it would take only 2 seconds.

Better bandwidth

The influence  of 5G in gaming  will also be given by the significant increase in bandwidth, that is, a  greater volume of data and network capacity. The connectivity in online games will be more uniform, regardless of the area in which you are, and the performance will be better as more users are incorporated.

The expected evolution of games with 5G

In the end, the greater capacity, speed and reliability will lead to a  quality gaming experience never seen before, with the possibility of viewing content in UHD (Ultra High Definition), four times higher than Full HD! At the same time, it will encourage the introduction of more cloud-based games and services, with many subscription titles. 

In fact, physical consoles may no longer be necessary. For this reason, projects such as  PlayStation Now  and  Project xCloud from Sony and Microsoft, respectively, are already underway.

Platforms like Stadia or the newcomer Nvidia GeForce Now will increasingly gain market share in the Cloud gaming industry, which is predicted to be $3.2 billion by 2023.

Furthermore, the near-zero lag time of  5G in gaming  is the key to finally unlocking virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) games, which demand an immersive experience indistinguishable from reality.

Applications for a better gaming experience, before 5G gaming

  • KeyTweak. Many gamers have discovered the benefits of keyboard remapping to enhance their gaming experience. With KeyTweak, you’ll be able to disable keys that cause you problems when playing games (such as the Windows key), change a key that doesn’t work very well for another, or even rearrange a set of keys to suit your comfort.
  • voicemod. It is one of the best voice changing software for gamers, content creators, and YouTubers. You can include sound effects in real time, making others hear you as a robot, a demon, an ogre, a princess or anything you can think of. Integrable with Discord, Fortnite, TeamSpeak, Skype, CS:GO and many more.
  • SSD Fresh. Those who know how to play understand that an SSD drive is essential in any gaming experience. With SSD Fresh, you will be able to optimize the performance of your solid drive and extend its useful life, all through an intuitive and fast interface, thus achieving more optimized games.

As news about it comes out, we will inform you from the Gaming section. For now, don’t stop experiencing the present and future of video games, optimized by the 5G network, which will finally overcome those common latency difficulties that bother you so much.

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