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5G: the age of cloud gaming


The improvement of communication technologies has brought with it a full range of possibilities around various sectors. The greatest advance comes from the 5G network, a reality that opens the door to a new era: that of cloud gaming.

Telefonica has been part of the change since last September it announced the switching on of the 5G network in Spain. A piece of news that will allow 75% of the Spanish population to have access to this new network before the end of the year.

But what is it that 5G offers that makes it so special? On the one hand, it offers a low latency between 1 and 5 milliseconds, along with a much faster connection speed. These two characteristics represent a big change for games in the cloud or cloud gaming.

Cloud gaming: a bigger impact on the Internet

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The biggest difference between the games we are used to and cloud gaming is that gamers can play from the platforms of the companies that offer games in the cloud. In other words, it is a Netflix or Disney +, but focused on video games.

This industry is increasingly having a greater impact on the Internet, where little by little this modality is making its way. According to the consultancy ABU Research, it is estimated that by 2024 the cloud gaming market will have 42 million active users and 4.5 billion dollars in total revenue.

Some of the key features that 5G brings with it that will improve gaming are as follows:

  • With 5G, gamers have greater flexibility, since they do not need to be at home to play, but can do so from anywhere the 5G connection arrives.
  • Likewise, thanks to the low latency, players can interact almost in real time and behind are the problems of ‘lag’, so that no player will be left without responding in time due to the delay of the signal.
  • While the faster speed allows for better data transmission, allowing games to play more dynamically and smoothly.
  • In addition, 5G emphasizes expansion and therefore the use of augmented reality and virtual reality in games.

The golden age of cloud gaming

If 3G brought with it the golden age of music and 4G of videos, 5G will be the beginning of a paradigm shift in the video game industry.

In this way, in this new scenario, the technological giants compete to become the most demanded cloud gaming platforms among players.

On the one hand, Movistar has partnered with Epic Store, developer of Fornite, offering gamers the possibility of charging the cost of games, battle passes, skins in Fornite, etc., directly to the mobile bill.

This agreement places Telefonica as the first operator in the world to launch this type of service with the US company. Although, for now, it will only be available to Movistar customers in Spain. However, the two companies are working to be able to launch it to the rest of the countries in Europe and Latin America, where Telefonica operates.

On the other hand, within the cloud gaming revolution we cannot forget Movistar Riders, one of the main eSports clubs in Europe and the only one with a high performance center for professional players.

eSports have acquired greater relevance in recent years, however, these months they have reached record numbers due to confinement. Twitch, the platform specialized in broadcasting eSports, has reached three billion hours watched, globally, during the first quarter of 2020. While the Movistar Riders channel on Twitch has increased its visits by 109% with a 80% more hours of content viewing.

5G and gaming: a new future

In short, the arrival of cloud gaming platforms into our lives has led to progress within the gaming world, which has been reinforced by 5G. Currently, it will not be necessary for people to buy physical video games, simply by paying a monthly fee can have hundreds of games at your fingertips. In this way, problems with the compatibility of the operating system or with the hardware are in the past.

Furthermore, although both cloud gaming and eSports have become more relevant in recent times, we cannot ignore the fact that confinement has given these digital areas a greater boost. The three months that we have lived without leaving our homes have given rise to the incorporation of new fans into the world of eSports. 36% more people play these video games than before confinement.

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