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5G and gaming: play any game anywhere


Higher internet speed, more bandwidth and almost non-existent latency. Can a gamer ask for more? 5G is going to be a technological revolution, a generational leap in the network that means much more than the previous ones.

The era of the millisecond has arrived, where Edge Computing, hyperconnectivity and the IoT, among many other things, will lead the present and future of the connected world. All this will affect and change many industries, for example, the world of video games.

5G will make the gaming experience much greater, especially with open world and online video games. Thanks to the latency of less than a millisecond, there will no longer be lag problems that can ruin your experience. Imagine playing a game of the summer hit Fall Guys , or battle royale type games without anyone having a connection advantage. We have already tested what it is like to play Call of Duty using 5G and, honestly, we were impressed with the fluidity.

And it is that, the change that 5G will bring to the gaming industry is much more than a more fluid gameplay. It will change the business model and the way in which we gamers relate to each other. We will forget about physical supports, we will live the golden age of entertainment streaming platforms and, surely, we will see how eSports will make their own ‘surpasso’ to many traditional sports.

Long live streaming video games

The new PlayStation 5 may be the last physical console that Sony brings to the market. With the new generation of connection there is no longer a reason to use physical systems. Why am I going to need a console if I can play in the cloud?

Thanks to 5G, platforms like Stadia or the newcomer Nvidia GeForce Now will become the queens of the video game industry. In fact, Sony and Microsoft, aware that their physical consoles are going to live their last years, have launched PlayStation Now and Project xCloud, respectively.

We will not have to download the video games, nor have them on CD. It will be enough to be subscribed to one of these platforms and play one of the titles that you have in your library. The servers will launch the image to your computer screen and the game will be running on one of their mega computers or servers.

The definitive push to eSports?

Talking about eSports as the future of entertainment is more than outdated. They are currently the present, and it is that they unite millions of fans and fill stadiums with their official tournaments. However, they still need to take the last leap and become a reference in entertainment.

Today they cannot compete with big sports like soccer or basketball. However, within a few years, with the rise of video games, the community will grow and it will be impossible to divide a traditional sport from a digital one. Can you imagine eSports becoming an Olympic sport? It’s much closer than you think.

Thanks to 5G, video games will be much more accessible. They will increase their community and thanks to the improved connection, the competitions will be much easier to carry out. In addition, with the latency of 5G, the barriers of the servers will cease to exist.

Spain, at the forefront of 5G

Thanks to the large deployment of fiber optics that has been made in Spain, the third largest in the world and the first in Europe, the network is more than ready for the generational leap.

In fact, Telefónica turned on its 5G network in Spain on September 1, with the aim of reaching 75% of the population by the end of the year. Something that has once again placed Spain at the forefront of connectivity worldwide. Fantastic news, not only for gamers, but for everyone.

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