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Four years of Movistar Riders: this is how an eSports team is created


Four years go a long way. It is the time it takes a university student, if all goes well, to graduate. It is also the period of time that exists between one Olympic Games and the next and the one that occurs between two presidential elections.

For the Movistar Riders they have also spread. And so much: just four years ago they didn’t even exist. To be exact, in 2016 they took their first steps. Managers and players came together with the goal of becoming a professional team of video game players.

What Movistar has meant as main sponsor

Shortly after starting this journey, Movistar wanted to join them and become the sponsor. The agreement involved continuous training with experienced teachers and the creation of Movistar eSports, a specific gaming television channel, the first in history.

It didn’t take long for the news to continue. At the end of 2017, the Movistar gamer team announced the inauguration of a new training and competition center, the Movistar eSports Center. Some facilities dedicated to his work, which also serve as an exhibition museum for fans, like a football stadium.

At the same time, the team announced the creation of a school for amateur players, Movistar Riders Academy, where anyone can learn from the best professionals. This initiative was also a pioneer in the sector, but it also denotes the involvement and clear commitment of Telefonica and Movistar to this activity, with great employment potential.

The sector is in full growth

Video games have been growing for years. Advances in consoles, increasingly realistic graphics and the appearance of professional gamers and streamers favor this trend.

Also the constant technological developments that have to do with the Internet connection, such as the recent 5G. What will an ultra-low latency game be like, where all data is relayed in a matter of milliseconds? Goodbye annoying lag and hello to new possibilities!

The main achievements of Movistar Riders during these years

League of Legends

During these years the Movistar Riders have reaped several significant achievements. Without going any further, we find the team made up of ‘ElYoya’, Javier Prades, ‘Xico’, Francisco Antunes; ‘Beansu’, Mauno Talli; ‘Javaaa’, Francisco Javier Martinez Luque; and ‘Rhuckz’, Ruben Alexandre Barbosa. This same summer of 2020 they have won the SuperLiga Orange in the League of Legends (LOL) category.

This victory is their first grand prix in LOL, although it must be clarified that they had been staying very close to the first position for some time. Our congratulations.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive y Rainbow Six Siege

As for other Movistar Riders teams and their achievements, we are going to focus on two other well-known titles: Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Rainbow Six Siege .

Regarding the first, the most important novelty is his recent victory in the ESL Masters Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), in his seventh season. The players who achieved it were Alejandro Masanet -‘Alex’-, Alejandro Fernandez-Quejo -‘Mopoz’-, Rajohn Gregory -‘EasTor’-, Christian Garcia –’lowel’- and Lucas Lopes -‘Steelega’.

This is their second ESL championship and direct access to EPEC, an international competition where the best clubs from each country, winners of national tournaments, face each other. Therefore, its value transcends the merely symbolic and is a golden opportunity to compete on a global scale. Isn’t that what every athlete aspires to?


For its part, the Rainbow team also reaps its own merits and achievements to add to the Movistar Riders house. This 2020 they have achieved first place in the Regular League of Spain and in 2018 they obtained the ESL Masters Spain. Our congratulations and I wish that they continue to bring us many other joys in the near future.

More about the gamer world

But if you thought that this team of professionals is only dedicated to “getting dirty” you are wrong. As an example, the initiative ‘My game, my name’, which tries to make visible the female presence in this sector, dominated by men. It must be recognized, yes, that given the growing demand for consoles, more and more women are interested.

If you still want to know more, we suggest this report that we did on Blogthinkbig.com during the months of confinement about how their work as gamers was then.

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