Fashion10 low cost clothing brands that few people wear

10 low cost clothing brands that few people wear


There is life beyond the brands that we all know and today we want to share 5 brands that you may not have discovered yet and that you are going to like a lot. Specifically, we are going to show you 10 affordable clothing brands that are going to become your new favorites.

If you are a fan of Zara, Mango and company, you will love discovering Spanish brands with affordable prices such as Brownie, Nkn Nekane, Renatta & Go, Polin et moi, Compania Fantastica, Cayro, The Desire Shop, and also some more international ones such as Lumina, Parfois or Na-kd. In the gallery we tell you a little more about each of these brands, so we invite you to go down to the gallery and take a look at their websites. The advantage is that you will be able to buy clothes that not so many people wear on the street at a good price. Maybe you discover your new favorite brand! 


Brownie was born with the desire to offer a quality, fresh and comfortable product. His collections are characterized by mixing timeless basics and trendy garments capable of transmitting a vital and spontaneous spirit. They define themselves as “lovers of freedom, comfort, the good life, sunny days on the beach and rainy days on the sofa.” 

NKN Nekane

NKN was born in Barcelona in 2002, with the illusion of proposing a personal fashion style, inspired by a woman with a bohemian soul. Entirely designed in Barcelona, ​​the main focus is the creation of different garments made in an artisan process that takes care of all the details. Aware of the needs of the environment, they are committed to fibers of natural origin and try to reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible.  


Women’s fashion, casual and elegant to create looks that are easy to wear both day and night. Clothing sets for women of all ages. “At renatta&go we follow fashion without forgetting the basic garments so that each new women’s collection lasts over time”, they say from the brand. 

Polín et moi

The idea with which Polin et moi was born in 2015 was to create a brand with a French and Mediterranean personality, capable of offering women beauty in small details with timeless pieces with a softened trend. 

Fantastic Company

Compania Fantastica is a casual brand with a fun point, with simple and comfortable patterns in garments full of print and color. Inspired by the world of art and irreverence. Pay special attention to details and finishes and bet on affordable quality. The brand’s philosophy walks towards original, versatile, fresh and spontaneous elegance.


In Cayro you can find guest looks made in Spain at very affordable prices. From wedding dresses to suits or two-piece sets for all kinds of events. 

The Desire Shop

The Desire Shop is the brand founded by the influencer Cristina Cerqueiras. It is an online fashion store designed for a current, modern woman who loves to dress with the latest trends. “Our philosophy is to offer beautiful, different clothes with a touch of originality, without neglecting the quality of the garments and reasonable prices”, they comment from the brand. 

The light

We turn to international brands and it is that the Italian firm Lumina Fashion has become one of the favorites of influencers. You will find basic wardrobe items, but also very original pieces at a good price. 


NA-KD is another of the brands that are positioned among the most desired by influencers, both national and international. On its website you will find timeless pieces with a touch of trend. 


If you didn’t know, in Parfois, in addition to accessories, you can find ideal clothes at a good price. Sweaters, knit pieces, leggings, dresses… 

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