Fashion10 dress leggings from Sfera with a shaping effect...

10 dress leggings from Sfera with a shaping effect that make a great guy: high-waisted and warm


Super activated! This is how we have our radar when it comes to signing those leggings with which to succeed in winter looks. As you know, these types of pants are one of our fetish garments because they meet many of the requirements that we love when it comes to signing those wardrobe basics.

They are comfortable, elegant, versatile, and there are those that, due to their shape, shape the figure and make a great guy. Now we have gone shopping in Sfera to sign 10 leggings that meet all this and that are also high-waisted and narrow the waist.

Next, we share with you these leggings among which you will find the most different possibilities. Of different colors, prints, shapes and fabrics, they all have in common that they feel like ten and that they have infinite possibilities when it comes to combining them. Because leggings are so versatile that they go well with tops that range from blouses to t-shirts, and with footwear that ranges from boots or the most elegant shoes to sporty-style sneakers. Pay attention, here is the list of Sfera leggings!

10 Sfera dress leggings with a shaping effect that make a great guy

Pointe leggings

There is nothing more comfortable than knitted leggings. If they are also high-waisted, black, and with vertical stripes, the stylizing effect is more than guaranteed. In addition, there is no more versatile color than this to combine it with the most different colored garments.

Bell feather leggings

Bell leggings are one of the top trends of the season. The flared hem is very popular, and combined with the high shot they stylize the figure to the maximum and make a great guy. In addition, the range of browns is very popular this winter, so they are a very good way to add to it.

Leather effect leggings

The leather effect is one of the trends that has to be in the closet of every stylish woman. It favors, stylizes and gives a super modern touch to the looks. All this without losing elegance. Adding to it through leggings is a total success.

Micropile leggings

Microcorduroy is one of the warmest and most comfortable fabrics in winter, so you’ll love wearing it in leggings. We have not been able to resist this proposal of a super beautiful color with which you will elevate your looks to the highest. They deserve to be the stars of your outfits!

Printed flared leggings

As we told you, flared leggings couldn’t be more flattering. If we add to this that they are stamped, the result cannot be more original. With a basic top garment and a neutral color, you will have a great look. 

Leggings with zippers

These leggings strictly comply with that mix of comfort and elegance that we like so much. They do it thanks to its shape, its high waist and the zipper . A detail to take into account when having an easy-to-wear garment. 

Plaid leggings

What do you think about joining the checkered pattern through some leggings? With flared flares like these you will have an elegant, original and super flattering option with which to make a difference with your looks both for day to day and for slightly more special occasions.

Legging flare

Some black leggings, which are also flared, and have a button closure, are a yes in capital letters if what you are looking for is an elegant, comfortable, flattering result and with which to stylize your figure to the maximum. They have everything to succeed!

Beige punto leggings

Wearing beige knit leggings is a perfect way to look stylized as well as giving a touch of light to the outfits. A very flattering proposal and easy to combine with which you are going to splurge a lot of style.

Micropile leggings

Here is another proposal for microcorduroy leggings with which to look very flattering. This time in a color as trendy as brown. We already imagine it with solid color tops, because you don’t need more to have a great look with them.

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