TravelA walk through the Borgen stages in Copenhagen

A walk through the Borgen stages in Copenhagen


The Borgen series has gained worldwide fame as a standard-bearer for Nordic fiction. Without fear of being wrong, we can say that Borgen is the Danish television series that has had the greatest international success so far. The plot revolves around the world of politics and the media, while focusing on the particular conflicts of those in power.

Its protagonist, Birgitte Nyborg (played by Sidse Babett Knudsen), is the prototype of a calibrated, sensible and good-natured prime minister. An example of white politics, of which in countries like Spain it does not abound far from it.

Capable of reaching pacts with completely opposing forces, Nyborg, at the head of the moderates, manages to take over the presidency of the Government, directed from the Christianborg palace, popularly known as Borgen.

One of the main roles in the series is played by the capital itself. Next we are going to review some of the main points of interest, which will allow the traveler to relive the best moments of the series.

Palacio de Christiansborg

What is undoubtedly the main action scene of the plot, is actually an imposing and sober monumental complex made up of several buildings, the first of which dates back to the 12th century. Christiansborg has since witnessed various wars, demolitions and fires which have shaped it and resulted in the appearance it has today.

Some of the most famous scenes take place in the palace. Thus, in the Christianborg tower, from where you can enjoy stupendous views of Copenhagen, is where Bent Sejro, Birgitte’s mentor and ultimately finance minister, encourages her to run for prime minister and take command.

Today, it is the seat of the Danish Parliament, the Supreme Court and government office. Without a doubt, their presence in the heart of the city is a good testimony to the good health of Danish democracy.

Torre del Christiansborg Castle

From the main entrance of Christiansborg Slot you can climb the tower. The views from the top of the tower are priceless and, best of all, free. From there you can admire a formidable panoramic view of the entire city of Copenhagen that surrenders at the foot of the palace.

Views from the Christianborg Slot Tower, with the Malmo Bridge, which connects Denmark with Sweden, in the background.

Christiansborg Equestrian Track

On the porches of the Christiansborg Slot equestrian complex, several encounters take place, such as those of Birgitte with Pernille Madsen, her hateful coalition partner. It is an arcaded square in the center of which the army used to train on horseback. It is accessed from the marble bridge or Marmobroen, another of the stops on this route.

The marble bridge

The Marble Bridge is where Birgitte Nyborg, the future Prime Minister, meets Troels Hoxenhaven, who offers to publish a series of racist messages written by Michael Laugesen, his political rival.

The Garden of the Royal Library

The arches of the red brick building facing the south side of Christiansborg Slot lead to the garden of the Royal Library, where Birgitte confronts Troels Hoxenhaven, then Minister of Justice. There she reproaches him for having given a press conference behind her back after uncovering the espionage of the Solidarity Party headquarters.

The Royal Library

Det Kongelige Bibliotek houses the Soren K restaurant, where Birgitte meets Labor leader Bjorn Marrot to negotiate the position of the European Commissioner in Brussels. In the series, the modern buildings opposite house the studios of the fictional TV1 channel.

Apartment by Katrine Fonsmark

Continuing north, cross Knippelsbro and turn left to reach 48 Overgaden oven Vandet, the apartment building where the young and ambitious journalist Katrine Fonsmark lives.

Cafe Wilder

Then, backtrack to Sankt Annae Gade, cross the canal, and walk a block to Cafe Wilder, where Katrine bumps into her ex, Kasper Juul, and his new girlfriend, Lotte.

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