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On World Video Game Day, the last screen is played at Movistar


August 29 – The International Day Against Nuclear Tests is celebrated! And no, from Blog Think Big we are not going to give you the keys to lead your own International Emergency Plan to end the nuclear arsenal of the whole world, although we would like to. What we can offer you are different graphic adventures where you can be the leader of that master plan, or the one you prefer. And it is that today, August 29, we also celebrate World Video Game Day.

Exactly, that space for entertainment and leisure where we can have a thousand and one adventures and that covers an infinity of genres, from the first person to the third person; from the most interactive proposals to adventures with graphic novels to the authentic platform levelsthree- dimensional  sandboxes .

2022 has been a magnificent year in terms of video game proposals. We started strong in the month of January with Pokemon Legends: Arceus and proposals as interesting as Horizon 2: Forbidden West and Elden Ring soon arrived, until the recent addition of the much-awaited DLC for Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course last June. There are still many games that are yet to come out during this half of the year, both for PC and video consoles. 

As we said, the proposals that we can make you this year are almost infinite, but few will be as interesting and as local as those you will find in the Movistar universe. Do you think you know them all? Let’s put you to the test!

With Movistar, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate comes with 20GB under the arm 

If you are a true gamer , you have surely taken a look at the Xbox Game Pass plans: a service for €12.99 per month that includes hundreds of high-quality games for console and PC, with proposals as interesting as those of Xbox Game Studios that you can play from the same day of launch.  

As if that were not enough, at Movistar you can get 20GB each month on the mobile line of your choice. Can you think of a better plan to spend World Video Game Day than with a free month to try the most Ultimate Xbox experience with Movistar? 

Boost your gamer games with Smart WiFi from Movistar 

There is nothing more frustrating than playing an online game and the dreaded lag appears to cut us off. It could have been anything, but the main suspicion will always fall on the family member who was surely not connected to the Internet at that time; it is the law of life. To avoid any type of conflict, it never hurts to remember that with the Smart WiFi mobile app, lag is a thing of the past. 

Open the ports of your Smart WiFi Router and prioritize the connection of your game, without having to have cables connected. Also, if you have a Movistar Home device at home, you can check the latency of your network simultaneously. Just say “OK Aura, go to Smart WiFi Gaming” and set up your game.

World Video Game Day is lived on the big screen. Discover the Living Apps in Movistar Plus+ 

If you already have a UHD Decoder or UHD Smart WiFi Decoder at home, then you also have Movistar Plus+ and a whole gamer universe for you. In the “Apps” section you will find such interesting proposals as the Movistar Gaming Living App and the Fortnite Living App.  

From the first you can contract (if you don’t already have it) a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and comfortably consult the catalog of games it offers. 

If you prefer to discover exclusive experiences and content from the trending game, the Fornite Living App is made specifically for you. If you have the Movistar Plus+ Voice Command, you can press the “Aura” button and say “Open Fortnite” and you will automatically access the Living App interface. Here you will find sections such as “Myths in Fortnite”, “Committed Tips” or “Not It remains Slurp”, commanded by Davidpkami or Gladoop and other stars creating online content.  

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