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5 tips to improve your gaming connection at home


Having a good internet connection is crucial to be able to play correctly at home. You can make the game, as well as those connected services and platforms to maximize the gaming experience at home, such as Discord, which allows communication between friends, even in the background, work correctly without affecting the game latency. Sometimes, however, it’s hard to get everything to run smoothly and correctly.

It is likely that the speed of your fiber or ADSL is somewhat more limited, or that your equipment does not reach the contracted connection. There are also other factors that can interfere with the Internet connection and, therefore, worsen the network speed. Fortunately, there are a number of tips you can follow to improve your gaming connection at home. Among them, prioritizing the device you are using, changing the way you connect to the internet, and more. We detail 5 keys.

Use wired internet connection

One of the biggest tips to improve your gaming connection at home is to connect to the network using an Ethernet cable, instead of Wi-Fi. This will make the fiber or ADSL speed considerably higher, since with Wi-Fi, on many occasions, this is more limited. If your PC is close to the main router, it is best to connect the cable directly. Also make sure that it supports the contracted speeds.

If it is not possible to connect the Ethernet cable directly to the router, you can also use an extender. Again, make sure that it supports speeds similar to those contracted so that its operation is not affected. You can check if the internet speed has improved as follows.

  • With Wi-Fi, access this website to perform a speed test. Wait for it to finish, and check the speed reached.
  • Then connect your computer using an Ethernet cable and run the same test. Check if the connection has improved.

And using Wi-Fi, keep your PC searching for the router

If for any reason you cannot connect to the internet via cable, you can improve the gaming connection simply by moving the device closer to the Router. Also, make sure that there are no objects that interfere with the communication between the router and the equipment you are using to play at home. It is also important that the router is in the right place. Therefore, avoid installing it under the bed, inside a closet or hiding it among furniture or objects that may interfere with the Wi-Fi signal.

If you cannot place your computer near the router, you can opt for an adapter or extender. These, in particular, allow you to extend the signal so that the Wi-Fi network has even more range. You must make sure, of course, that the extender is the most suitable to be able to have a good connection. Check that the maximum speed it reaches matches the speed you previously contracted. Place it, also, in an intermediate link. That is, near the router, so that it can receive a good connection, and near your equipment, so that it can send a good signal and thus improve your gaming connection at home.

Turn off those devices that you are not using to improve the gaming connection

There may be devices that are interfering with your network connection speed. Turn off those products, such as tablets, smartphones or other computers, that you are not using. Keep in mind that they could be carrying out automatic updates or other processes and, therefore, they would be limiting the Internet connection.

Beware of background programs

It is likely that your PC is running programs in the background that consume Internet connection. Netflix downloading an episode of a series automatically, an app or service updating a process in the background, a video being played, etc. The best thing, in this case, is to close these programs. In this way, you will prioritize the connection to the game and prevent it from working with cuts or lag.

Enable QoS on your router

QoS, or Quality of Service, is a function available in the main routers that allows prioritizing traffic to a specific device to guarantee that it always has a good Internet connection and that it is not being affected by other devices connected to it grid. It is, therefore, an ideal option to prioritize those equipment that the user uses during their gaming experience at home.

To activate QoS on a router, and therefore improve the gaming connection, you must first access the router’s configuration website (you can check the access address and passwords by turning the router over). Next, access the Network option and, in the ports section, select QoS. Then, choose which team you want to prioritize. Keep in mind, however, that the configuration could be different depending on the router.

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