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How to rent movies on Movistar+


The most veteran will remember that  Hollywood movies took two or three months to reach Spanish theaters. The journey across the Atlantic was long. Today, those two or three months are the difference between the  release of a film in theaters  and its broadcast on television. What’s more, Movistar+ with a certain frequency releases films  simultaneously or exclusively, without having reached theaters. And it also has a movie rental service.

The Movistar+ cinema offer is extremely varied. You can find movies shot that same year, titles from a few years ago and classic movies that have aged better or worse. In addition, you can enjoy these films while they are being broadcast on the many  thematic channels, whether owned by you or from third parties, or watch them whenever you want on your television or on any device thanks to the Movistar Plus catalog.

And for the most impatient, Movistar offers its customers  movies for rent, movies that two months ago were being shown in theaters. And in some cases, movies recently arrived from their corresponding countries without having had the opportunity to  see themselves on the big screen. If you are not familiar with renting movies on Movistar+, we will tell you how to do it and  enjoy the most recent titles.

Movies for Rent in Movistar+

Movistar+ rental movies are easy to find. You just have to go to the Cinema section from the main Movistar+ menu. You will find those movies under the heading “Recently Arrived From Movie Theaters (Rental)”. If you access See All you can see the entire catalog of movies for rent organized by categories: Action Releases, Children and Family, Comedy, Drama, etc.

You will also find them if you look for something in the Movistar+ Search Engine or if you browse the Cinema section in sections such as  Releases  or  For me. This way you will always see the best content according to your tastes and preferences, whether it is included in your Movistar Fusion or is part of the movie rental catalog.

The difference between the movies in the Movistar+ catalog and those available for rent is that you will see their  rental price  when viewing the information on the movie. That is if you access from the Movistar+ Deco. If you access from the Web or from mobile applications, they will appear differentiated by the  euro symbol.

How to rent a movie?

Renting a movie on Movistar+ is as easy as viewing any content from the Movistar Plus catalog. The only difference is that instead of seeing the  Play indicator  you will see the corresponding  Rent  next to the final rental price.

As with any Movistar+ content, before renting a title you can  read its synopsis, see its duration, if the movie is available in HD or UHD, check the trailer, etc. Once you have made sure that you want to see that movie, you can rent it.

To rent a title in Movistar Plus, just  click on Rent  within the tab. To avoid disappointment, you will be asked for a purchase PIN to confirm the rental. At all times you will see the price including VAT of the movie rental as well as the duration of the rental: 48 hours. This period of time begins to run  from the confirmation of the rental.

Remember that you can configure your purchase PIN on your Movistar+ decoder by going to  Settings> Purchase PIN. By default, the code is 1111. Once changed, if you forget your PIN you must call 1002 to remember it.

You can rent movies on Movistar+ both from the Movistar+ decoder and from the Web and your devices that have  an official application. Of course, the content rented from the browser or Smart TV cannot be played on the decoder.

As for the collection of the rental of the movies, it will be made  in the next Movistar invoice, so you do not need to enter bank details or your credit card. As we said, easy, fast and comfortable.

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