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How to avoid accidentally renting movies on Movistar+?


If you have  children at home, surely you take  certain precautions  that anyone else would miss. And it is that when you have minors in your charge, all precaution is little to  avoid accidents or errors  that end up with something broken, with someone injured or with your pocket shaking. An example is movie rentals. Movistar+ allows you to purchase new titles from theaters. And to prevent  your children from buying movies without permission, Movistar Plus has its own parental control.

Movistar+ parental control, with all its options, works on the decoder. And in the official applications for compatible devices, you have a purchase PIN to avoid renting by mistake. This way you will prevent your children from renting titles because they do not know that  this content is paid separately or, knowing it, they do not care. With parental control you can  limit those purchases.

In addition, you can block access to  channels and content  not suitable for all ages. In this way, if you have small children, they will be able to access Movistar Plus freely but they will only see content appropriate to their ages. Both live, through the channels, and in the  Movistar+ catalog.

Avoid renting movies by mistake

It is common for the little ones in the house to learn through experimentation, through  trial and error. Or said in a colloquial way, touching buttons. With this premise, a child learns in minutes to control the television, a children’s game or some function of your mobile phone. But accidents can happen like your child making  purchases online  with a certain shopping application or within certain games.

Or in the case at hand, that you use the movie rental without realizing that this service  does not fall within your  Movistar + content package. To avoid surprises on your monthly bill, you have two  movie rental blocks by mistake.

First, the  purchase PIN. It works both for the decoder and for the official Movistar Plus applications. As we saw in a previous article, when you go to rent content on Movistar Plus, you have to enter a  four-number code  to confirm the rental. However, by default that code is 1111. So it is better that you change it if you have minors or children with access to Movistar+.

To change the purchase PIN, turn on your Movistar+ decoder and go to  Settings > Purchase PIN. You must indicate the default PIN, 1111, and then one of your choice. We accept and it is already changed. And if you forget it, you should call 1004 to retrieve it.

Second, Movistar Plus has a  parental PIN. It is used to block the rental of movies and channels. For now, it is only available on the Movistar+ decoder.

Movie rental by age

You will find the  parental PIN  in  Settings> Parental PIN, on your Movistar+ decoder. There you can create a PIN to block content and prevent your children or minors from accessing it without permission.

The parental PIN allows, for example, to block the rental of movies  by age. That is, it allows limiting the rental of content by age ranges. For example, +7, +12, +16, +18. Activating  Parental Control will also block access to the Movistar+ catalog by age. By default, the option  Do not ask for PIN is activated.

All Movistar+ content is classified by age. So if you activate this option from  Settings> Parental control  you will prevent your children from renting movies that  are not suitable for their age or from accessing part of the Movistar catalog.

Block TV channels

Finally, from  Settings> Channel blocking, in your Movistar+ decoder, you can limit access to certain TV channels. It works for everyone, both free-to-air DTT channels and thematic channels, owned by Movistar+ or by third parties. The channels marked as such will ask you for the parental PIN to be seen.

You can block the number of channels you want and unblock them later from  Settings > Channel blocking. Another method to prevent your children from seeing inappropriate content when you are not with them in front of the television. That yes, it works in the decoder but not in the official applications.

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