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These are the 4K content that you can see on Movistar+


In the field of television, in recent years we have experienced an enormous change, due to streaming (on-demand content), increasingly larger screens with better quality and the possibilities offered by ‘smart TVs’ (smart televisions). 

Watching TV is still the same activity as always, but the format is different, for the viewer’s greater enjoyment. This is where 4K comes into play, the Ultra Hight Definition (UHD) resolution, which gives the images greater realism (even).

But do you know which movies you can watch in 4K on Movistar+? In this article we propose to solve all your doubts, as well as indicate other content also available in this quality, such as series, documentaries and cooking and sports programs.

4K movies on Movistar+

The Movistar+ film catalog is very extensive. To make it more convenient for you to find the title you are looking for, there are several categories: ‘Action’, ‘Super movies’, ‘Premieres’, ‘Recently released from movie theaters’, ‘Recommended for you’ (according to your history and preferences). Currently, 4K movies are not in the same category in the Movistar+ movie menu, although if you type the word “UHD” in the search engine they will all appear.

Thus, we find well-known titles such as the winner of the best performance (Joaquin Phoenix) at the last Oscar Awards, Joker (2019), the great Korean revelation of these awards -among others-, Parasites (2019), and the latest film by Tarantino so far, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019). A good session of the largest and praised by international critics.

Childish and fantastic

For a younger audience, we find Abominable (2019), about the capture of a yeti, the famous snow monster, Dora and the lost city (2019), a new installment of the little adventurer, and The Adventures of Doctor Dolittle ( 2020), who lives surrounded by all kinds of animals.

In this science fiction line, we also highlight Jumanji: The Next Level (2019), in which the team meets once and for all at Christmas, Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019), the superhero’s most recent feature film , played by Toll Holland, and Fantasy Island (2020), where two brothers win a contest that involves spending a weekend on a magical island, where anything can happen.


In terms of humor, if you feel like laughing, you can watch Good Boys (2019), similar to the mythical Superbad but with smaller protagonists, even at the beginning of adolescence, or Angry Birds 2: The Movie (2019), with a style more ironic.


We change third, from laughter to adrenaline. As action movies, Bad Boys for Life (2020), a revenge police plot, The best defense is a good attack (2019), about a young man who decides to learn martial arts, and Zombieland: kill and finish (2019), where a gang of survivors of the zombie apocalypse settles in the White House itself.


More dramatic we find Little Women (2019), based on the well-known novel, and Harriet, in search of freedom (2019), which places us in 19th century slavery in the United States. Also, Two meters from you (2019), which mixes drama and love in the story of how two young people with the same disease meet, and Invisibles (2020), Spanish, in which three friends talk weekly about their daily problems while they walk


Horror, a genre that we explored last Halloween, we also have the Spanish film Malasana 32 (2019), based on real events in the center of Madrid, and Doctor Sueno (2019), the second part of The Shining , the great classic of Kubrick that places us in the Overlook Hotel, which is cursed.

4K series on Movistar+

However, we commented at the beginning that there are not only 4K movies in the Movistar+ catalog, but also other content. In fact, the series are one of the most numerous and interesting. There are many with this type of high quality and more and more will be added.

To find out which specific series offer it, search for the word “UHD”. You will find several major international productions, such as The Good Doctor, about a young doctor suffering from autism, Outlander, an epic and romantic story that takes us from 1945 to 1743, Blacklist, in which a fugitive turns himself in to the FBI on the condition that he capture other criminals himself, or Mr.Mercedes, based on Stephen King’s crime novel. But you will also find national productions.

Movistar+’s commitment in this regard is clear: all Movistar+ original series are available in 4K. In this way, Look what you have done, which humorously narrates the vertigo of a man (Berto Romero) when he is going to be a father for the first time, El Embarcadero, a drama in which two women come together after the death of a person important for both or Hierro, a thriller set in a prison, are some of the ones you can see now.

4K documentaries on Movistar+

There is also room for documentaries. If you are a regular reader of Blogthinkbig.com , you will know that we love them and that we explain many of them to encourage you to see them. If you want to see them in 4K, follow the same procedure as with movies and series: writing the word “UHD” in the search engine. Of course, you can only see them if you have the UHD Decoder or the UHD Smart WiFi Decoder.

We highlight the Odisea 4K and Sundance TV channels, two pay channels that have reached an agreement with Movistar+ to include their content in their catalogue. The themes are varied: nature, technology, current, science. And at this moment, they already have more than 20 titles, to which they will add at least six more each season.

Among those already available, we have Africa Between Claws and Jaws, which travels the continent to introduce us to the largest and most lethal predators, From Heaven, which travels through the cities of Africa and America, or Air Warriors, which investigates the latest technology in combat aircraft.

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