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Drake wears a necklace with diamonds from the 42 engagement rings he never gave


The extensive romantic history of rapper Drake (Toronto, Canada, 36 years old) since he rose to fame is public knowledge: Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Zoe Kravitz, Serena Williams, Jennifer Lopez are some of the celebrities with whom he has been associated.

And the singer, in his facet of being in love with him, did not think of proposing marriage once, not twice… but 42 different times. What is not known is whether his proposal was to 42 women or he tried it on more than one occasion with the same partner.

Now, Drake has turned those 42 engagement rings into a new diamond necklace to represent all the times he thought of getting down on one knee but never got there, and as a tribute to all the women who have passed through his life. The piece is created by jeweler Alex Moss, who has named it Previous Commitments. The jewel is made up of a total of 351.38 carats of precious stones. A whim of the singer that has taken 14 months to create, after having selected each diamond by hand and inspecting that as a whole it adapted to the idea that he had of how the choker should be.

The market price of the jewel would be around seven million dollars (more or less the same amount in euros, at the current exchange rate), according to what several American media have published. Although this is a very low estimate, considering that each diamond could have a minimum value of 20,000 dollars. All this has been made known through Moss’s Instagram account, where the jeweler has published a video in which he explains the meaning behind the necklace and what it is made of. In addition, he has also shared an image of Drake wearing the jewel in one of his last concerts.

The history of the artist with diamonds goes back a long way. Three years ago he bought a case for his iPhone with inlays valued at more than 400,000 euros; This 2022, he bought another necklace valued at almost two million dollars from Homer —a luxury company founded by singer Frank Ocean. As for Moss, it is not the first time that he has chosen you as his jewelry designer. Last August he made her a custom diamond-studded ring; and in February, he made her another personalized owl ring.

Although many of the names on the long list of engagement rings that Drake has bought are unknown, one (or perhaps several of them) has a first and last name: Robyn Rihanna Fenty. A love story that was forged over the years in an interrupted manner (2005-2018) and that both sealed with a shark-shaped tattoo. Despite the breakup, Drake was always willing to get back together with her at any time. And although the relationship between them has cooled over the years, the singer became an essential support for the artist and businesswoman from Barbados after the stormy relationship he lived with fellow rapper Chris Brown.

Probably not part of this collection is the mother of his son, adult film actress Sophie Brussaux, with whom he had a year-long relationship. The relationship between the two is not good, beyond being focused on raising their son Adonis Graham, who is already five years old. At first, Drake kept the existence of Adonis a secret, whom he did not publicly introduce until March 2020, when the little boy was already three years old.

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