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Kate Hudson, actress, businesswoman and, now, also a singer


More than two decades have had to pass before Kate Hudson, at 43 years of age, has pulled out a thorn that she had been carrying since she was 19, the age at which she began to compose, and has made one of her dreams come true: to record an album.

During the pandemic, the American artist promised herself that she would live life without having left anything undone, without regrets. “I was asked this question a lot: ‘Do you regret anything?’ And she would always reply, ‘I’m in my early 40s…not yet.’ But during the covid I thought: ‘What am I doing? ”, She confessed last Monday on the American late night The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. “I have no expectations, I just want to put out a record and that’s what I’m doing. And I am very proud of it. I can’t wait,” added the actress, who claimed to have been embarking on the making of her first album for a year. A new facet to add to an already multifaceted professional life.

It is not the first time that Hudson talks about his musical project, although what he did specify in the NBC program is that the release of his first album will be in 2023. Already last April and through his Instagram account —in which she accumulates more than 16 million followers— shared a photo of herself singing during a rehearsal, in what seemed like the preparations for her first job. “Finally, I realized that it’s time to say f#% and caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa byer!” wrote one of the protagonists of Puñales por el espalda: el misterio de Glass Onion (2022), which can be seen in the publication. watch on Netflix starting next December 23.

While it’s Hudson’s first time recording a solo project, she’s hardly a novice on the mic. The actress grew up surrounded by music: her father, William Louis Hudson Jr., performed as a vocalist with his brothers in the band The Hudson Brothers from the 1960s to the early 1980s, when he and his mother, also an actress Goldie Hawn, they divorced. The interpreter has also sung in many of the films that she has starred in throughout her career. Hudson would play You’re So Vain, by Carly Simon, in How to Lose a Man in Ten Days (2003) alongside Matthew McConaughey, or would sing Cinema Italiano in the musical Nine (2009), a film he shares with Daniel Day-Lewis , Marion Cotillard and Penélope Cruz, among others.

With this album, the actress who debuted in Almost Famous (2000), a film with which she won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress and is now considered cult, adds a new artistic facet to her resume. A professional career that, like that of other actors like Brad Pitt, has been filled with collateral business projects that have nothing to do with Hollywood and with which to multiply their income.

For almost a decade, she has focused her efforts on following her entrepreneurial nose, which led her to found Fabletics in 2013, a sportswear brand, which has also joined the athleisure trend —sportswear to wear outside the gym— , and for which, through it, he shares his healthy lifestyle. “I always have something to do at Fabletics because we are growing, however I have great partners and a great team so it allows me to continue acting. The truth is that it takes more and more time”.

“The good thing is that thanks to my company I only make the films I want and not for money,” added the interpreter in the same interview, who has also recently embarked on the world of distillation with King St. Vodka, a craft liquor which the artist owns. Her other business bet is a cosmetic line called Inbloom, which also sells hangover remedies, probiotics or collagen, among other products. Hudson has admitted on numerous occasions that being on the front lines of Hollywood is, as a woman and mother, a great challenge and the business world has made it easier for her. “She is much more compatible with motherhood because you don’t have to be away from home all the time,” the actress admitted to this newspaper in 2016.

Hudson, who grew up on the sets with her mother and stepfather Kurt Russell and who believes she will never stop filming, has spent most of her time raising her three children — Ryder, 18, the offspring of her six-year marriage to The Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson; Bingham, 11, born of her relationship with Muse frontman Matt Bellamy; and Rani, born in 2018, with her current partner, the musician and actor Danny Fujikawa. She and she does not rule out becoming a mother again: “I have had children all my adult life: I have a four-year-old while another is in college. And I don’t even know if I’m done yet. Do you know? I still don’t have that answer ”, she assured in an interview with Byrdie, a beauty magazine of which she is on the cover this December. In the same publication, he admits that taking two hours a day to “take care of himself” is what gives him the most happiness, in addition to his new projects like that next album. “People talk about joy and he tells me, ‘You seem so happy all the time,’ and you’re not, but I choose to be especially in difficult times. I have always liked jumping into the pool. Sometimes it hasn’t worked out for me, but in general it has always put me on the right track.”

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