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All about Ana de Armas, her jump to Hollywood and her courtship with Ben Affleck


Of Ana de Armas (Havana, Cuba, 1988) it is possible to say that of the Latin classic “she arrived, she saw and she conquered”, because she almost only set foot in Madrid, in 2006, at the age of 18, coming from her country, Cuba, to trying to work as an actress, she participated in a casting for a television series, was chosen and, a week after her arrival in Spain, she was already working. The series in question was “El Internado” (2007), which reached the highest audience quotas, and turned the gorgeous Ana de Armas into one of the most popular faces on the screen.

A race in Cuba

Ana de Armas had left behind her, in Havana, a more than promising career. At the age of 14 she had managed to be accepted at the National Art School of Cuba, at 16 she obtained a resounding cinematographic success with the film “Una rosa de Francia”, in which she starred with Álex González, and the telenovela “El Eden perdido” . Thus, when she moved to Spain, she was already a young actress recognized in Cuba, a country she adores and where, with great heartache, she left her boyfriend, Antúan, a musician who did not accept her dedicating herself to to the movies. 

His success in ‘The boarding school’

Arriving in Madrid and succeeding with the series “El Internado”, in the role of Carolina Leal, together with Yon González, Martín Rivas and Elena Furiase, which lasted seven seasons, launched her to fame and opened the doors of cinema, working in highly successful films such as “Mentiras y gordas”, the highest grossing film in Spanish cinema in 2010 with a collection of 4 million euros. For her work in the famous series,  she won the Cosmopolitan Award for Best Actress on Television. In 2008 there were rumors of an idyll with Benicio del Toro, but they did not materialize in a solid relationship.

In 2010, she began filming a new series also destined for success, “Hispania”, and she appeared nude in a short titled “Ánima”. The enormous popularity that television has given her and her warm beauty, led to her lightning success in the field of advertising. In this field, her image appeared, along with that of other actors, on the Marc Jacobs “Protect your skin” solidarity T-shirts. In July 2011, the news of her wedding, held secretly on the Costa Brava, with the actor Marc Clotet (Barcelona, ​​1980), who achieved notable popularity as an interpreter of the series “Physics or chemistry” (2009-2011) surprised. and the film “La voz dormida”, for whose interpretation he was nominated for the 2011 Goya Award as a revelation actor.

Just as surprising as their wedding, their separation at the beginning of 2013 has been surprising.

In 2014 the actress began her journey through the United States . In a short time she shoots three films: ‘Knock knock’ and ‘Daughter of God’, together with Keanu Reeves, and ‘Hands of stone’, with Robert De Niro. In addition, that same year she again shared the role with Martín Rivas in the romantic film ‘For a handful of kisses’.

Last March, her romance with Ben Affleck was finally confirmed after months and months of rumors, and after Ana ended her relationship with the Cuban artist Alejandro Pineiro.

Ana and Ben met on the set of ‘Deep Water’ and sparks flew between them!

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