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Discover the steps to improve the connection of the PS4 or Xbox


Going online with the PS4 or Xbox is a very exciting time. However, long wait times can quickly fade enthusiasm. To avoid this, we created a complete and practical guide to discover how to improve the connection of the PS4 and the Xbox.

Practical advice to improve the connectivity and security of the PS4 or Xbox

First of all, you should start by optimizing your local connection. Many of the initial problems can be solved by talking to your provider. Beyond that, there are some console and port settings to enhance the PS4 and Xbox.

Now, another key point is security. If you are about to go online, it is vital to create a PS4 or Xbox master account. This account has all the authority to configure the general settings of your console, including means of payment. So make sure that only you know the access code for this account to prevent others from making changes.

However, there is no way around the fact that the file size of the games is very large. These can range from 20 GB to 50 GB for the largest games. Therefore, to improve the connectivity of your console you can follow these tips:

1. Connect by cable whenever possible

The Ethernet cable uses a direct connection to the router . With this you guarantee that any connection problem that arises from the distance between your console and the router does not affect the stability of the Internet. If you don’t have one handy, moving the console closer to the router might help. This can resolve any interference issues that are causing a slow download.

Another option to enjoy the best connectivity on your console is to activate the gaming functionality, available in the Smart WiFi mobile app, without the need for a cable connection. You can activate it from your mobile and prioritize the signal of up to two gaming devices while you are connected to the WiFi Plus network. In this way you have the same connection as if you were playing connected by cable. This functionality will be progressively put into production and allows, by opening ports, to fully enjoy online gaming with less lag. 

2. Put the console in sleep mode

In the case of the PS4 , it’s called rest mode. In the case of the Xbox One , it’s called instant-on mode. Both modes can be configured to allow downloads to continue while in these states.

On PS4:

  • Go to “Settings” in the menu of your PS4.
  • Now go to the “Power saving” settings.
  • Enter “Set functions available in sleep mode”.
  • Make sure the “Download files” box is checked.
  • You can now hold the PlayStation button or go to “Power Options” and put the PS4 to sleep while downloading games or patches.

On the Xbox:

  • Go to “Settings, all settings”.
  • Select power and startup options.
  • Select the “Power Mode Instant On” option.
  • Make sure the “Automatically download updates and purchases” box is checked and the “When Xbox is off, turn off storage” box is unchecked.
  • Press and hold the home button on your game controller, then select “Power Off Console” to put it into instant-on mode. Perform this step after a game has started downloading.

In both cases, the downloads should complete a bit faster.

3. Change your DNS servers

This can result in higher download speeds. Although the results will be different for each person depending on their location, hardware, quality of your Internet connection, etc.

Steps to change DNS on PS4:

  • Go to “Settings”, then “Network”.
  • Go to “Set up Internet connection”.
  • Select LAN or Wi-Fi depending on what you are using.
  • Select “Custom”.
  • Click the IP Address and DHCP settings as they are, without changing them.
  • Now change the DNS to manual mode.
  • Enter your primary and secondary DNS servers. You can use Google DNS, which is the most common service and with the most servers around the world.
  • Google DNS: Primary / Secondary
  • OpenDNS: Primary / Secondary
  • CloudFlare DNS: Primary / Secondary
  • Run the rest of the configurations as they are without changing them.
  • Retest your upload and download speeds in “Settings”. Enter “Network” or “Red” and then “Test Internet connection”.

Steps to change DNS on Xbox:

  • Press the Xbox button in the middle of your controller to open the guide.
  • Go to “System” and then “Settings”.
  • Go to “Network”, then “Network Settings” and finally “Advanced Settings”.
  • Select “DNS Settings” and then “Manual”.
  • Enter your primary and secondary DNS settings as we indicated for the PS4.
  • Once entered, press the B button to exit and test the connection.

Follow these steps to improve the connection in Fortnite, Call of Duty, FIFA or any of your favorites. In this sense, good connectivity will always be essential to improve your gaming experience. So time and speed in your connection will now be on your side.

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