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5 cases that demonstrate the effectiveness of game-based learning


The game-based learning methodology has been positioned in recent years. as an effective learning solution compared to more traditional alternatives, both face-to-face and e-learning. The indicators are positive and there are more and more training and HR departments. H H. who bet on this solution.

Specifically, game-based learning for the corporate sector has the highest annual growth rate with 47.5%, data reflected in the recent Metaari study. In addition, it is estimated that between 2019 and 2024 the income generated will increase more than six times. 

But why is game-based learning so effective as a learning tool? Here are five success stories that explain it: 


DKV Seguros has used serious games to train its teams, even in mandatory training and on dense topics related to compliance. On that occasion, the training was addressed to 900 employees through the ADA video game. The results were:

  • 90% completion rate.
  • 98.6% recommendation ratio.
  • Increased motivation of professionals.

The experience was dynamic and generated interest throughout the entire process. After the course, the boring perception of normative training was transformed into something positive, serving as a bond and a topic of conversation among the participants.


For Hyundai Spain, game-based learning has been a solution that has improved the company’s results for more than ten years. They started nationally with Merchants, the serious game of negotiation and conflict resolution, and continued to expand the format to Hyundai Motor America and Hyundai Motor Europe.

This strategy was possible thanks to the characteristics of the video game in question:

  • It is part of the multilanguage catalog of the Gamelearn platform.
  • Eliminate spatiotemporal limitations by being 100% online.
  • It facilitates its use as it is a cloud-based option with an adaptive design.

With a clear training objective: to improve the development of the company’s professionals to drive the objectives, Hyundai has taken advantage of the training itineraries to improve transversal skills and measure the results throughout the process.

3.Ritz Hotel 

Hotel Ritz faced the challenge of training all its employees on a vital issue: the company’s mission, vision and values. For this reason, they resorted to game-based learning to make the concepts more striking and obtain better results. The most important thing was that the information was transmitted effectively.

Magdalena Gonzalez, Head of Training at the Ritz Hotel, assures that the engagement generated by the serious games was unique. In her words:

“Nothing is remembered more than what is connected with an emotion and that has made them continue playing, learning and enjoying during the process. Many told me that it is a way of learning without realizing it”.

4. Cervantes Institute 

For the employees of the Instituto Cervantes, the video game format was so striking that they themselves continued to make requests to adapt the following training sessions to the same format. 

The training through the Gamelearn platform allowed them to learn essential skills with content applicable to any job position. In short, the challenge of making the training attractive is easily overcome when people have fun and can apply what they have learned.


Kyocera is another of the companies that uses game-based learning in the professional environment, not only because of the innovative format, but also because of the savings it generates.

On the one hand, the students are able to decide when they do the training and the need to travel to a specific place at a specific time is eliminated, as is the case with face-to-face training. On the other hand, the company saves costs related to transport, materials or training personnel, among others.

Likewise, the scope that a training action can have is extended. Any professional who has access to a device with internet can train, even if they are teleworking on the other side of the world.

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