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11 celebrities who do not want to hear about the Internet or Social Networks


Hollywood stars (except for the gallery) have sworn to the Internet and social networks, for which they only have negative comments. 

They have millions of eyes on them daily, and perhaps for this reason  they flee from the visibility and exposure that social networks give.  We are talking about Hollywood stars, probably the best-known faces on celluloid, who have on occasion admitted that they are suspicious of the Internet.

Some because they want to protect their privacy (as far as possible), others because they would not bear the barrage of comments that they would generate on Twitter or Facebook, and others because they directly recognize that they are harmful in the use of new technologies.

Next, we share with you a list of  11 celebrities from the Start System who spend an Olympic time on the internet and everything that it generates around them.  Some may surprise you:  

George Clooney

Clooney’s dislike for social networks is already known. She once said that she would rather “have a live rectal exam on TV performed by a man with cold hands than have a Facebook page.”

And with Twitter he is not more benevolent: ” any celebrity that is there is an idiot”.

Angelina Jolie

Probably after her divorce from Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie was even happier not to pay too much attention to what is happening on the Internet, because it caused rivers and rivers of digital ink to flow and went viral for days.

Although his most curious manifestation on the Internet had to do with Amazon, which he recognized that he was overwhelmed and preferred to use the paper catalogs of a lifetime. Shortly before she admitted that he just learned how to turn on a computer.

Sarah Jessica Parker

The protagonist of “Sex and the City” is actually quite an enemy of the “posture” of social networks.

He says that he does not understand the interest of photographing everything to share it and that he does not have a smartphone, because a lot of time is wasted answering emails and calls. We assume that her representative will do it for her.


The rapper transgressor is one of the exceptions on this list, since he has a Twitter account, but he has hardly used it since he opened it in 2009 and what little he has published is merely promotional.

In an interview he once said that he preferred to know the least about technology and the Internet, because otherwise , he would find out everything that is said about him and “would end up going crazy”.

Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie’s ex is not on Twitter or on other social networks either, but he has also said (although we don’t know if it’s true) that he doesn’t know how to use a computer nor does he have any intention of changing that.

For the Internet it is an “advertising machine” like a “big hole that sucks you in” that if you were to enter, it would never let you live in peace.

Jennifer Lawrence

The protagonist of The Hunger Games has said on occasion that it is difficult for her to keep up with her email communications, so becoming a Twitter user is “unthinkable”.

The actress acknowledges that neither she likes technology nor does technology like her.

Winona Ryder

The protagonist of “Stranger Things” seems that in reality she also lives stuck in the 80s. She says that she rarely uses the Internet and that she has never read a blog (not even with a review about the series).

Unlike the other actors, he admits that he uses email although he consults it from his BlackBerry (will he change it for the new KeyOne?).

Christopher Walken

The actor, known for his villainous roles in multiple films, has once said that using the Internet is for masochists, something that, for now, he says is not tempting and that he feels at peace with it.

Something similar happens to him with smartphones, when they give him one during a shoot, he doesn’t have time to return it when it ends.

Elton John

Elton John’s hatred of the Internet goes back a long way. Specifically from a decade ago, when piracy began to bleed the recording industry.

He went so far as to say then that the Internet had to be closed and that he would even demonstrate in the street to protest against the Internet. A long time has passed since then, but the British musician is still not reconciled.

Rachel McAdams

The actress of “El diario de Noa” is probably one of the stars of this most disconnected list, because on one occasion she said that she listened to the news on the radio because she didn’t have a television, and that she managed very badly using email.

Although she admits she was denied for social networks, she ended up opening an account on Instagram.

Jake Gyllenhaal

As much as his fans ask him to upload selfies to social networks, the protagonist of “Brokeback Mountain” says that he does not want to expose himself in any.

In addition, it is very contrary to the social habits that smartphones have spread among people, such as “staring at the ground all the time” and forgetting about the people around us.

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