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Cristina Pedroche: “My ‘look’ for the chimes this year will touch hearts”


Starting these lines by presenting Cristina Pedroche, at this point in life, is a somewhat unnecessary task. We explain ourselves. The presenter (and one of the most influential women in our country) does not need an introduction, as she who she says. In all this time and with her journey, she has forged in the collective imagination a strong perception of her that is already immovable: close, fun, passionate, generous.

And the question is that we could continue, but we would not reveal anything to you. ‘La Pedroche’ has naturally managed to position itself as one of the women most loved by all and, on the other hand, with the greatest presence on social networks, with all that this entails.

During these dates, in addition, his name is a trend (analogically and digitally speaking). And by this we mean that, on the eve of New Year’s Eve, on the one hand, people do not stop talking about her and, on the other, in the 3.0 environment her name tends to become a ‘trending topic’ before December 31st. The reason? Well, once again, you know it: the ‘look’ that will be put on to give the chimes. About this, the expectation that is generated is such that little or nothing we can know beforehand but, even so, we have had the opportunity to speak with her so that, apart from catching up and knowing what projects she has for 2023, she gives us an Pistilla about that ‘lookazo’ that we wait for so much every year.

How are you, with so little left for the chimes?

Well, I am fine. With the nerves, the excitement of Christmas, with a little anxiety (in positive terms) to teach what I have been working on all year and with great desire and expectation to see what people think. Although I think it will work out. I am a positive person, so I like to think that everything will go well and that you will like it. It will touch hearts.

You talk about the ‘look’ for New Year’s Eve, do you think it’s going to make people talk?

Clear. It is that if not, it would not be me. If she is going to talk. And it’s that I like that, because that day people split up at home, some angry with me, others not, others defend me… And in the end, while they are messing with me, they are not messing with each other ( laughs ). Normally, those days, there are always arguments with the family, right? Well, look, as long as they mess with me… well, that’s it.

Now you’re on top, but are you also taking time for yourself?

Yes. Almost every morning I usually get up early (well, early for me, because I start work at two in the afternoon and I’m up at nine or ten, have breakfast, do sports and do yoga) and take the morning for myself. Sport is super important in my routine. And if some afternoon after the program I have nothing to do, I also go home to read. Now I am super hooked on a book: ‘The secrets of the courtesan’, by Estefania Ruiz. And I spend time alone, which I love, although it has cost me, huh? It has been difficult for me not to think that I am alone in negative terms, but that I am with myself and I am calm. And that is a process that I have gone through, of ending up liking me, of understanding myself, but it is difficult.

Do you think it is important to know how to be alone?

Sure, for many reasons. One of them is that if you are good with yourself (and you like and like yourself), when you are with someone, you are also giving them positive things. It is very important that we love ourselves so that we can love others later. I love myself very much and I love Dabiz very much, but I love myself more and I take care of myself so that later I can also take care of him, just as he takes care of himself and then takes care of me. So, that’s why ours works, because I do my personal work and he does too. And then, as a team we are the host.

Would you say that this is the key to having a healthy relationship?

For me if. We are each an individual entity with our things and we work with each other, so when we come together, it’s incredible. Is magic. 

And what else empowers you today?

The sport. I love sports, I think it’s something basic. I even need it to live, because it not only helps me to be physically fit, but also contributes to my mental health. It helps me focus and empower myself. Many people ask me: “How do you have energy every day?”. And let’s see, not every day I feel like doing sports, but I try, because it’s part of my routine, which is: four or five days of strength training, plus yoga and meditation daily (unless I’m sick , Clear).

You ‘post’ both your sports routine and your daily routine on social networks. Do you think you’re a little hooked or it comes out organically?

Well, look, yesterday a girl sent me a message that I loved because I went to an event and uploaded some things that I had to upload from there and, when I got home, I also recorded myself, when I had already put on my robe, and she told me : “I love the way you are, because fame is your job, not your life. As soon as you finish working, you go home, to your shelter, with your robe and be you again.” And I like that a person who doesn’t know me is able to realize that, because it’s true, deep down, all you see is my work. And what I want to tell you with this is that I tell my day “in quotes”. On Instagram I show my work, restaurants, food… or if we go on vacation, what I’m eating and such, because it amuses me. But when I’m home, I’m there. It is true that if I am reading a very interesting book, I share it,

Do you recommend any?

Apart from ‘The secrets of the courtesan’, the saga of Valeria, by Elisabet Benavent, and ‘The seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo’. Last year I started reading a lot in the middle of the year and I said to myself for this one: “I’m going to set myself a resolution for the year: read a book a month, 12 books in total.” And in those I am.

Returning to the subject of social networks and speaking of ‘haters’, in general you have had to face somewhat shady scenarios. How do you manage them?

Well, I try not to let them affect me and, in fact, every morning I “put” a lot of Vaseline all over my body so that everything slides off. But it’s not always possible. In January, sometimes, I get a bit ‘down’, both physically and mentally. Now in December (and in these months behind) I am super high, doing all the projects, interviews… It seems that my days are 28 hours and, suddenly, the 31st arrives and I give it my all, and January 2nd gives me The downturn and the criticism affect me more. I don’t control the shell so much there.

And what remedy do you put?

I try to keep myself with mine, stay in my little house as comfortable and be calm. And I have wonderful bosses who allow me to. He also left me a few days of vacation for that period, because I already know that this is going to happen to me, because in January I like to disappear a bit. That maybe it’s only a couple of weeks but, of course, since all the focus is on me, it seems that I’ve died, but I’m simply taking care of myself because I protect myself, and then continue with more strength.

In January I want to be disconnected for a couple of weeks, I know I’m going to need it because I usually get low.

Have you always done this?

No, other times I would put the patch on and be like: “it’s okay.” And it went on, on, on. And no. Now I have learned. I know myself so much that I know when I have to stop and when I have to get away from things and stay with the truth, which are my family, my husband and mine.

Do you enter 2023 stomping?

Yes (and if it’s with good boots, like those of Alma en Pena, better). Although I admit that in my private life, at home, I am always barefoot. I mean, now I am very obsessed with the health of my feet and I wear toe separators all the time. And when I do wear shoes, I usually wear one or two shoe sizes larger. And since then my feet have not hurt. On top of that, women have always been given the idea that if you are between 37 and 38, 37 is better, “that your foot looks prettier.” But what nonsense is that? On the other hand, now they say that bruxism comes from the feet, it’s that everything is the foot, all the nerve endings are there… His thing would be to wear minimalist shoes that respect the footprint and use separators. Maybe I’ll start a separator company, I love talking about all this.

Could this be a future project? What other things do you have on the table?

There are many projects, but I don’t like to talk about things that aren’t really finished and closed. And I don’t like to think in the long term either because, since the pandemic, we have been taught that you don’t have to think about the future, you have to live in the present. I am a person who meditates a lot, I like to live in the present and I feel that it is the only tense that exists. The past cannot change and the future… you never know. I live my present and in the present I am very well. In general, all the projects that I have seem wonderful to me and, in the short term, I feel that I want them to happen. Like, for example, the one with the chimes.

And a wish for 2023?

Well, everything goes well for the people. I would like people to do well and to be calm, to love themselves and to spend time at ease.

But is your wish for the people?

Yes, I like to ask for people because I am very well. I am very calm, I don’t get stressed anymore for almost nothing… Every year I feel much better. Now, at the end of December, I would be hysterical and, for example, answering you super quickly to leave. And no, I’m just fine. I can not ask for anything more. Also, if I wish people well and they are well, in the end that will also come back to me. So, that you are very well all.

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