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The 5 golden rules in business that have made Elon Musk the richest person in the world


We may not want to be like him, but we may want to have the same money. Without a doubt, he is one of the great geniuses of our time and any aspect of his life is likely to be news, but how has Elon Musk managed to get to where he is and become the richest person in the world?

At the end of the year, Time magazine named Elon Musk as the person of the year, as well as the richest, ahead of the great Jeff Bezos. 

And it is that, his automobile company, Tesla, controls two thirds of the multibillion-dollar market for electric vehicles in which he was a pioneer, with a net worth of more than 250,000 million dollars. 

SpaceX, on the other hand, has also experienced meteoric growth in value as a company, seeing its value soar to $100 billion last year, after successfully demonstrating the ability to carry out crewed space missions and land its aircraft. booster rockets.

To all this we must add the rest of the companies it owns, which offers you a multitude of products to buy, apart from a Tesla.

Well, Musk’s influence has not fallen from heaven and is the result of deliberately going against the grain and defying expectations at all times. You only need to see his announcements regarding new humanoid robots, robotaxis or his latest event: Cyber ​​Rodeo.

Let’s take a look at Musk’s rise to fame, from his publicly celebrated business successes, to his Twitter game, to see how any entrepreneur can take note of his playbook.

Ride the wave

In 1995 he founded Zip2, an Internet company that provided city guides and business directories for newspapers, and four years later he became a dot-com millionaire. Zip2 sold for $307 million, with Musk taking home $22 million. 

Little by little, the fascination of the whole world grew and he began to take advantage of it for his own benefit, increasing it even more (he received CNN at 7 in the morning to witness the delivery of his new million-dollar McLaren F1 sports car dollars, or the last event you have held).

With all this, Musk has created an instantly recognizable icon.

Make your business personal

Musk has become inseparable from Tesla and SpaceX and learned the hard way that no one is irreplaceable . For example, with Zip2, his investors appointed a more experienced leader, Richard Sorkin, to position the company for an acquisition. 

After his second company, X.com, became PayPal, he was again fired from his CEO role, while out of the office. 

Set unrealistic goals

It may seem a bit logo and well, it really is, but for Musk, instead of focusing on a clear path to profitability, he pursues impossible feats, like getting humanity to Mars before he dies or developing in as little as 2 years. an autonomous robot (something big companies have been working on for decades).

He knows that if he succeeds, he will generate a great worldwide stir and if not, everything will be one more eccentricity. His mantra: set goals with the power to motivate a workforce, attract an investor or win over new clients.

Ignore the lane

All entrepreneurs tend to follow the marked path and never get out of it. Musk, although he is always busy, manages to make time for the media world and stray a bit from the agreed guidelines.

Musk can be seen in Iron Man 2 with Tony Stark, in South Park and The Simpsons, and chatting with Howard in The Big Bang Theory. For someone focused on the advancement of society, he spends a very calculated amount of time building his image. 

Say what you think

Something to which we are already accustomed is the use that Musk makes of Twitter, to the point of influencing the prices of cryptocurrencies or generating TT one topic or another. From comparing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Hitler, to remembering that Bernie Sanders is still alive, to taking on Putin.

As an entrepreneur, remember that everything you post is a reflection of you and your business. With this, when Musk posts memes, he is claiming that he is part of a subculture that many of his clients associate with, and when he offers emergency aid to Ukraine, he is demonstrating the viability of his business goals. Everything is meticulously controlled with a goal. 

With these 5 tips, it seems more than logical that he is not only the richest person in the world, but perhaps the most influential. Everything that seems random is part of a strategy and we are so used to the figure of the straight businessman, that the arrival of Musk, who is so successful, has left us all shocked.

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