TravelNew York: the attractions of the eternal metropolis

New York: the attractions of the eternal metropolis


New York is one of those great metropolises that make an impact, in fact to this day it continues to maintain its position as the great city par excellence on the planet. With a strategic geographic location, there was no doubt that it was destined to occupy a hegemonic position within the United States and by extension in the rest of the world. 

Ideally situated on the natural harbors of the Atlantic Ocean and with access to the Hudson River, New York is without a doubt the economic powerhouse of the eastern United States and the economic heart of the country and the planet.

This metropolis par excellence is the headquarters of large companies, the American stock market, located on Wall Street, and is home to some of the most iconic buildings on the planet, such as the Empire State Building, 381 meters high, or the Chrysler Building, 319 meters. Undoubtedly two worldwide icons of high-rise architecture.

New York from a bird’s eye view

It is not surprising that New York has been portrayed from a bird’s eye view since ancient times. This is demonstrated by the following bird’s-eye view of New York City, drawn and published by Currier & Ives publishing house in 1884. It provides a colorful look at the city one year after the New York and Brooklyn bridges opened to traffic. 

Manhattan is depicted from the south with views of its business district in the foreground. New York stretches out in its entirety, flanked by the Hudson River on the left and the East River on the right. Plus glimpses of New Jersey, Queens and Brooklyn can be seen on the outskirts.

If in the 19th century seeing New York from a bird’s eye view was within the reach of very few, today it is possible to discover the city thanks to helicopter trips over Manhattan, which allow you to discover the impressive New York skyline no matter what time of the day.

It is recommended that those who have not flown before choose a daytime flight to take advantage of the light. The most experienced photographers will be able to take photos of the New York sunset as the city begins to light up little by little.

What to see in New York

New York and Manhattan have never stopped looking at the sky. To this day, the city continues to reach for the sky with some super towers in Midtown , such as One World Trade Center, which with its 541 meters high is the sixth tallest skyscraper in the world.

The city offers a multitude of attractions, including Central Park , attractive at any time of the year, but perhaps especially recommended in spring and autumn.

Fifth Avenue and its exclusive bustle is a must, as is getting lost in the center of Manhattan until you come across the Flatiron Building , one of the greatest exponents of the Chicago School, or the mythical Times Square, one of the urban symbols of our globalized age. You can also buy your tickets to the Statue of Liberty and embark to it.

What to do in New York in 2020

But if New York stands out for something, it is because of its hectic life. New York vibrates for what it is: a metropolis. There you can go from enjoying a gospel mass in Harlem to walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, crossing it and sitting on one of the banks on the shore to contemplate the city.

Stroll down Broadway and see some of the most famous theaters in the world up close. Once there you can enter one of its many rooms and enjoy musicals like the Lion King, Chicago or the Phantom of the Opera. There they are represented continuously with the best casts and careful staging.

When it comes to views, the Top of the Rock offers a spectacular panorama of that city that never sleeps. With the Empire State in the lead, the New York skyline appears from this viewpoint in all its splendor. New York is more than a city, it is an icon of our world. And as such it is discovered in every corner, in every view, in every viewpoint. Get all the juice out of it if you get the chance.

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