TravelA route from the Jerte valley to the banks...

A route from the Jerte valley to the banks of the Tagus


The charms of the Jerte Valley This valley is many and diverse, so it will be easy to enjoy a good day surrounded by nature in its purest form and charming towns.

The Jerte valley extends from Puerto de Tornavacas to Plasencia, in the north of the province of Caceres. It does so along about 50 kilometers and is crossed by beautiful and unique towns such as Jerte, Cabezuela del Valle, Navaconcejo or Piornal.

Hiking trails, natural pools and small waterfalls, such as the Gorge of Hell, are interspersed throughout this valley, with a gastronomy that also plays a succulent role.

All this natural feast could not be better supported by a network of rural houses in totally calm environments, where the natural and the urban combine perfectly.

Visits to the cherry museum in Cabezuela del Valle and Jarramplas de Piornal are essential. And to become even more familiar with all the possibilities offered by this territory, the Jerte Valley has a specific tourism application for mobile devices.

Riberenos del Tagus: tradition and ancestral culture

To the west of Toledo there is a unique region of towns bathed by the waters of the Tagus River. Territory of traditions, good gastronomy, historical and serene monuments. A place where the Mediterranean landscape enjoys its total effervescence with a thousand and one places to practice a historical rural lack of confinement.

The Archbishop’s Bridge, where clay becomes art

We set our starting point in an emblematic town from times of the late Middle Ages, El Puente del Arzobispo. The town is located on the banks of the Tagus, safeguarded by its colossal medieval bridge with eleven eyes. This was built to facilitate transhumance and pilgrimage to the sanctuary of Guadalupe around the fourteenth century.

This illustrious town boasts great historical monuments such as the Archbishop’s Palace, the Hospitals and Church of Santa Catalina, an old collegiate church, or its magnificent roll of justice.

In addition, El Puente del Arzobispo is the undisputed cradle of ceramics, dotted with workshops where you can enjoy this ancient craft process in situ . It also has an important Ceramic Interpretation Center that houses pieces and testimonials from various dates and locations around the world.

It should be noted that the artisan process of ceramics has recently been declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, jointly with neighboring Talavera de la Reina. Without a doubt, it is a magnificent visit to learn about the art of ceramics and pottery in this peculiar rural lack of confinement.

Valdeverdeja: lack of confinement at a crossroads of civilizations

Valdeverdeja was already populated since Prehistory as evidenced by the settlements of Bercenuno and La Facciosa, ascribed to the Bronze Age. For the Arabs, this area had great strategic and defensive value, with the nearby city of Vascos as the political and administrative center of the territory. This archaeological settlement can also be visited and, of course, recommended.

This municipality, in addition to being nestled in a wild natural environment between meadows and berrocales, has important architectural landmarks such as the Plaza Mayor, the Church of San Blas or the Molinos de las Acenas de los Rebollos. These last ones are nailed to the foot of the tajas sculpted by the river in this area of ​​western Toledo. A municipality with great attractions classified as a place of community interest (LIC).

Aldeanueva: forced passage of the Via Verde de la Jara

Aldeanueva de Barbaroya is an obligatory halt on the so-called Via Verde de la Jara. This path covers 52 kilometers between rockroses, cuts and aromas that sweeten the itinerary for lovers of cycling and horse riding. Of course, the best scenario for a total lack of confinement in sports.

Aldeanueva is located halfway along the route, in an area of ​​special scenic beauty, as it belongs to the Jara region, where flora and fauna interact equally. It dates its origins half a million years ago, at which time some stone instruments found in its limits are dated.

Among its attractions are the Fuente Blanca laundry, which has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC) and the Amador viaduct over the Tagus river. This is a privileged place for the observation of different birds of prey.

There is no doubt that Spain is a privileged country. Diversity, culture, nature and tradition perfectly define everything that our geography hides. And of course our rural environment is infinite, in variety, quantity and quality.

This has been just a small appetizer that we want to offer you to whet your appetite and bet, today more than ever, on our peoples, on our culture and, ultimately, on our territory. We have much to learn from him and even more, if possible, to preserve.

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