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The towns that you cannot miss if you go to Barcelona


Barcelona is much more than its capital. No doubt. In fact, beyond the hustle and bustle of the streets of the Catalan capital, there are several pockets of tranquility without leaving the province itself. Inland and coastal places that present to the visitor all the attractions of the province of Barcelona.

Sitges: the coastal jewel of Barcelona

Without a doubt, the star of the Barcelona coast is Sitges. Located just 35 kilometers from Barcelona, ​​Sitges is easily accessible by car, train or bus. It is worth strolling along its promenade, about three kilometers long and which allow you to experience the purest Mediterranean flavor.

A promenade marked out by level houses, built in the 19th century by Indians on their return from visiting the Americas and which show the strength of Sitges. But if Sitges stands out for something, it is for its variety of beaches where the quality of the water and sand shine.

In total there are more than fifteen beaches that include family areas and also gay and nudist areas. Beaches that go from those of Terramar to those of Benapres and La Ribera. A good option to stay is this hotel in Sitges, Barcelona.

Santa Coloma de Cervello: proletarian modernism

Located in the Llobregat region, very close to the city, Santa Coloma de Cervello has a reason to be on this list: its neighborhood. It is a nineteenth-century industrial colony promoted by Eugeni Guell and built by Antoni Gaudi.

Colonia Guell was built (unlike the industrial colonies of the time) with numerous facilities, both cultural and religious. Especially noteworthy is the church designed by Antoni Gaudi himself, unfinished but which lays the foundations of what would be the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

Due to the rich heritage of the complex, in 1991 Colonia Guell was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest and the protection of the most relevant buildings was established, as well as the general characteristics of the building.

Blackberry: a guard pond

Mura is just over an hour from Barcelona by car, almost 60 kilometers away. Its narrow streets, with houses that seem to be nested together, give this small town in the Bages region a special charm.

The stone walls are intermingled with the vegetation in this corner of Catalonia that undoubtedly conveys a great sensation of calm to the visitor. Chromatically, in this town with a medieval air, the predominance is for the green of the surrounding nature and the brown of its stone. Without a doubt, a great option to escape from the bustle of the Barcelona capital.

Tavertet: the charm of Montseny

The small and picturesque town of Tavertet is located in the Osona region of Barcelona. It is located on top of a cliff over the Sau reservoir and the Montseny Mountains.

This perched appearance gives this town the virtue of being a wonderful viewpoint from which to see this area of ​​Catalonia. It has some spectacular stone houses, surrounded by a lush Mediterranean forest. A great place to enjoy nature, go on family outings or see several waterfalls.

Cardona: medieval essence

On the border of the provinces of Lerida and Barcelona, ​​Cardona is located in the Bages region. This picturesque town is heir to an important and historic medieval past that dates back to the 8th century.

His splendid castle-palace-monastery was built there, which, together with the Salt Mountain, are two of the attractions of this town that has a Parador de Turismo and is splendid to spend a weekend.

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