FashionDisney celebrates its centenary with a capsule with Givenchy

Disney celebrates its centenary with a capsule with Givenchy


The “dream factory”, a term with which the multinational is affectionately recognized in the popular heritage, and today the undisputed leader of the entertainment industry, founded by the brothers Walt and Roy Oliver Disney, is preparing to celebrate in style the centenary of its foundation.

Event that will officially start with the arrival of this coming year of 2023, for which Disney already has an extensive list of events and activations scheduled, including the launch of an exclusive capsule of fashion garments designed in collaboration with Givenchy, one of the main luxury fashion houses of the French international holding LVMH.

Serving in this way as an aperitif and as a front room for everything that Disney has designed for the celebrations that will begin with the arrival of 2023, and whose high point is expected to end up taking place on the dates close to that same October 16 in which, in 1923, the foundations of what is now The Walt Disney Company —originally founded as Disney Brothers Studio— were finally laid, the entertainment multinational has entrusted, and participated in, the development of a commemorative capsule together with Givenchy for the celebration of the 100 years of its foundation. For this reason, and going beyond the iconic Mickey Mouse, a drawing that he has accompanied an endless number of new generations throughout his childhood, As the central motif of the capsule, the designers responsible for this collaborative collection have redirected all their attention to the figure of “Oswald, the lucky rabbit”. Animation character created in 1927 by Walt Disney for Universal Studios, from which Disney would not recover its rights until last February 2006, and which would eventually lead to the creation of the great emblem and central pillar of the company, the small, and funny, Mickey Mouse. A drawing that Walt Disney himself would create in response to his intentions to provide his new company with an asset in full ownership, in view of the success that little Oswald had been starring in since its launch, in what would later end up causing not a few frictions. between Walt Disney and Charles Mintz.

Based on this background, “Givenchy and Disney present a new capsule collection with ‘Oswald, the lucky rabbit’ as the protagonist to celebrate 100 years of The Walt Disney Company”, they announce in this way from Disney through a statement. Hand in hand with this collection, the iconic drawing “comes out of the Disney archives 95 years after” its creation, turned into a “symbol of pop culture and to welcome the Year of the Rabbit”. Name by which this new year of 2023 will be known, based on the Chinese horoscope, in its correlation with the Chinese New Year, which will start on January 22, 2023 and end on February 9, 2024, in an event that from Disney they have also wanted to celebrate with the election as the protagonist of this capsule of “Oswald”.

An urban collection with Walt Disney’s “Oswald” as the central motif

Designed with four hands by Disney and Matthew M. Williams, Givenchy’s creative director since June 16, 2020, the collection will be sold exclusively from the different own stores that the famous French house has in the different regions of the world. world. Establishments to which it will land in a staggered manner, becoming available from December 16 in its stores in China, Singapore and Tokyo; starting this December 19 at the Givenchy boutique in Miami; and from next December 30 in the rest of the French house’s own stores, as well as in its official online store.

With a price range that oscillates between 220 and 3,800 euros per piece, the collection is made up of a wide variety of fashion garments and accessories with a marked urban nature, all of them inspired by the different regions of the world on which Givenchy so much like Disney act as engines and sources of creativity, feeding the imagination of all kinds and categories of audiences. A point for which, they explain to us from Disney, Matthew M. Williams has been inspired in a special way by the urban environments of the most cosmopolitan and dynamic cities in the world, from New York to Paris, passing through Shanghai, Los Angeles and Tokyo. Locations that we will find equally well represented in the short short that has been designed to announce the creation and launch of the garments in this collaborative capsule.

Also produced collaboratively between Givenchy and Walt Disney Animation Studios, one of the different divisions into which the American multinational entertainment company is structured, and under the artistic direction and photography of Julian Klincewicz, the short is presented as an animated video. mixed in which real characters are mixed with animation motifs. Arriving in this respect starring the South African-American actress Madelaine Petsch, known especially for her role as Cheryl Blossom in the television series Riverdale; by the American singer, songwriter and dancer, although of Taiwanese origin and based in South Korea, Amber Liu; and by the model Alton Mason, the first male model to walk for Chanel. well-known figures

Taking inspiration in this way “in cities around the world such as New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai or Tokyo when designing this collection”, they explain from the American multinational, Williams “has worked hand in hand with Disney to create this ‘tour world’ unique”. A journey that has ended up seeing the light of day in the form of both this singular short film and this exclusive proposal, in which “the mischievous and energetic character of Oswald is fused with the Givenchy aesthetic”, to end up giving rise to “a capsule collection of pieces that portray the spirit of adventure”.

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