FashionDesigual wants to "attract and retain the best talent",...

Desigual wants to “attract and retain the best talent”, find out the details of its Young Talent Program


Since September, a new group of young talents have been working at the headquarters and logistics centers of the Spanish fashion multinational Desigual, which for a few years has been committed to recruiting recent graduates to its team through the Young Talents program.

During a year of paid training, people selected through a process that rewards their originality and creativity, in different areas of the company, from product design to logistics and operations, including marketing and human resources.

Once the program is over, the company assesses the performance of the candidates with the intention of incorporating them into the workforce indefinitely.

From FashionUnited we have been able to speak with Patricia Alvarez, Desigual’s Global Talent & People Development Manager, who has explained all the details of this program that, in collaboration with Spanish universities, seeks to exploit national talent.

What does the initiative consist of specifically and what is its geographical limitation?

This is a training and talent recruitment program that allows a group of young talented graduates to join Desigual for 12 months to perfect their knowledge in any of the company’s areas.

It has been done through an open call so that those who have just finished their master’s or postgraduate degree can have the experience of working in a fashion company and contribute their vision and initiative.

In this sense, we not only believe that it is a beneficial experience for the candidates, but also for Desigual. This initiative is part of our Open Desigual strategy, where collaboration is our key and differentiating tool. Thus, through programs such as Young Talent, Desigual becomes the meeting point for the best creatives, the most relevant trends and the diversity with which to reach different audiences.

At the moment this program is developed only in Spain and for Desigual’s central offices in Barcelona. Although the candidates can be of any nationality, obviously, they must be part of one of the Spanish universities with which we collaborate, with a special focus on Barcelona.

They told us that they welcome proposals to work in different areas within the company. What are the most requested positions among the participants? And what are the positions that are currently most in demand from Desigual?

The Young Talent program contemplates the opportunity to incorporate recently graduated talent in the legal and finance, operations and logistics, product, communication and digital marketing, human resources and commercial departments. In total we have received more than 800 applications and all areas have generated interest, but it is especially in Product and Communication and Marketing where there have been more interested students.

With the program we look for talent, creativity and new ideas, and these qualities can be applied both in the field of operations and in that of human resources or Marketing.

Since the applications they receive are from different fields, how do they go about deciding how many people to select from each field?

With the aim of being able to provide quality mentoring and follow-up to each of the participants, in the bases of the program we established to select a reduced number of candidates in total based on our capacity, volume of work and needs of each department. Candidates have gone through a multi-phase process where both the People team and the person in charge of the area evaluate their profiles.


On average, what percentage of those accepted to participate in the Young Talent Program end up joining the company each edition?

Until this year the program was slightly different and focused on product areas, so we cannot specify a percentage. Even so, the company’s objective is to attract and retain the best talent, so at the end of the 12-month program and depending on the needs of each department, our intention is that part of the participants can join the workforce.

We are appreciating a general lack of specialized personnel in the textile sector. Do you consider that the talents coming from certain training institutions arrive more prepared than others? What would these Centers be?

At Desigual we review all the applications we receive regardless of the center because what we are looking for are diverse profiles that fit our values ​​as a company. Having the best talent allows us to continue building a better Desigual. We are lucky to have high-level universities and training centers in the city and in the rest of Spain and we believe that extraordinary, motivated people with an innovative spirit can be found in all of them. What we need to do from the industry is precisely to promote more projects of this type, where students can complement their theoretical training and at the same time contribute their new vision to companies.

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