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Ana Obregon’s plans for her most difficult Christmas Eve


“This Christmas I am missing my parents and my son. I can’t think of it.” These are going to be especially difficult dates for Ana Obregon (67 years old). The presenter has suffered a new setback with the loss of her parents and she is devastated. “I haven’t celebrated Christmas in two years,” she opened up to Lecturas. “In fact, no decorations or anything, because what for?”

Since her son Aless Lequio died, few things make sense to Ana Obregon anymore. However, she draws strength from weakness to lead both the Campanadas on RTVE and the classic Telepasion. Work is, without a doubt, one of the great refuges of the actress.

Ana Obregon’s plans for Christmas

“I have organized myself and I am going to a place by myself, on the 23rd or 24th in the morning, so I don’t think it is Christmas Eve”, Ana Obregon tells us on the eve of her most complicated Christmas. The presenter has lost her parents and she now has few reasons left to celebrate these holidays that are always so familiar. “I take my train or my plane, I have not decided”. Ana puts land in the middle and prepares to travel to put some distance with a difficult drink to bear. From the outside everything looks different.

What you cannot miss is New Year’s Eve. One more year, Ana Obregon will act as master of ceremonies in the retransmission of the Campanadas of Spanish Television. This year, yes, she will not have Anne Igartiburu by her side. Los Morancos will be the ones who will spend December 31 on the balcony of Madrid’s Puerta del Sol. “I am aware that it will be difficult for me,” the presenter explains. “There are going to be bells like from the movie ‘The Sound of Music’. The people are going to laugh a lot but there will always be what I always teach, which is my heart”.

A schedule full of projects

The first Campanadas that Ana Obregon shared with Anne Igartiburu in 2020 were a milestone. The presenter took a step forward and overcame fears to stand in front of the cameras on the most special night of the year. “I thought it would be the most difficult Campanadas of my life without my son, but at least I felt the love of my parents who came to me from home,” he recalled this year after assuming the challenge of returning to Puerta del Sol. Obregon not only offered a life lesson, but rather conveyed a message of hope for all.

Since then, little by little, he has been resuming his schedule. Obregon visited Bertin Osborne on his show, did the same with Xavier Sarda and was tempted by some stellar appearance. What nobody imagined was that he would end up being part of ‘Mask Singer’. The funny and spontaneous Ana who had filled so many hours of television had returned. The public adores her. It is logical that Spanish Television would count on her again as before. The presenter is one of the great bets of the public entity for the coming months.

And after the Bells? It was Obregon herself who announced that she would be part of a series in which he would review his life. “I know it will be a very special series, where I myself will interpret the last chapters of my life,” she explained at the beginning of the year. A project that, for the moment, has not seen the light. Neither has she, for the moment, done the book that her son Aless started and that the biologist has been in charge of continuing.

The Aless Lequio Foundation

“I am very excited because after two years of fighting, sometimes without strength, to be able to create my son’s foundation, paperwork, lawyers, notaries, finally! We started our activity: cancer research contributing our grain of sand to save lives”. What Ana Obregon has dedicated body and soul to in recent times has been the start-up of the Aless Lequio Foundation. It was not until August of this 2022 when the actress confirmed the start of the organization’s activities.

Despite the bureaucratic difficulties, Obregon managed to fulfill his son’s great dream. With him he had talked about everything during his stays in the hospital. The best possible legacy to help research and funding for the fight against cancer.

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