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A year without Verónica Forqué: from the triumph of her daughter to the fulfillment of the last wish of the actress


Just one year ago, movie lovers were shaken by one of the saddest news: the unforgettable Verónica Forqué was found dead at her home. She had been the leading actress in some of the most iconic movies and series, but she was also an extremely sensitive woman. This mother of one daughter was going through a difficult time.

“I’m regular, I need to rest”, he said in his hasty departure from ‘MasterChef Celebrity’, a program in which many discovered Vero, the human being, not the famous one; nervous, effervescent She able to switch from Spanish to English while she gave orders; but also capable of provoking enormous tenderness in the viewer. “I’m not one to throw in the towel, but this time you have to be humble and say ‘I can’t take it anymore’ (…) My body and the universe were telling me you need to stop,” he told Jordi, Pepe and Samantha, who they fired her excited, as we all remember her today. On December 13, she left us the sweetest smile of entertainment in our country.

The new life of María Forqué, ‘Virgin Mary’, Verónica’s only daughter

A year later, the lives of those who surrounded Verónica Forqué are in turmoil. The one who most regretted her death was her daughter María De ella (32 years old), born from the artist’s marriage to the film director Manuel Iborra. The young woman has continued working as a creator of performance art, taking her exhibitions to Paris or Miami. She has signed up for one of the most important modeling agencies in the world, specializing in unique beauty mannequins and the truth is that she does not stop working. Her artistic proposal is increasingly taken into account, and she has managed to become, herself, her best work. Her mother would be proud of her.

She combines work in galleries with posing for Only Fans, as she keeps her account active on this adult-only network, where she pays for exclusive content for subscribers. As we say, María Forqué, or Virgin Mary as she calls herself online, has made her body and her face a vehicle for understanding her creative work. A most excessive project that plays with provocation. This work also includes live sessions in nightclubs, for which he charges 17 euros per ticket; to collaborations with luxury brands such as Mugler.

That in the labor field, and in the emotional one, María Forqué understands the death of her mother in a very transcendental way. “ She’s not she’s gone, she’s just in another room. She does not have a body, but her energy is more present than ever, because she is now omnipresent, ”she wrote after the death of her parent, that she was a Buddhist and that, like her daughter , she also believed in energies. “When I need a hug, I ask for it; you can do it too. The human being is very limited and tends to only believe what he sees, but he does not only see himself with his eyes, ”she wrote in a letter that she published for Shanghai magazine.

Since Verónica’s death, María felt that she was taking care of her. At no time did she feel helpless. Both in the funeral home and in her funeral chapel, she was serene and confident. “Death doesn’t really exist, it’s just one more phase,” María told ‘Sálvame’.

On December 1, Verónica Forqué would have turned 67 years old. Her daughter remembered her on her birthday, although she has her present every day. Then she, in networks, she assured that the anniversary of her birth would catch her “dancing very happily somewhere out there.”

The last will of Verónica Forqué

Just a week ago, the last will of Verónica Forqué was fulfilled. As El Español has published, María Forqué would have managed to sell the apartment where her mother died. It was a property located in the Chamartín neighborhood, very close to the Berlin Park. In the past it had been a refuge for the actress’s parents, first serving as an office for her father, the filmmaker José María Forqué, and then as the last residence of her mother, Carmen Vázquez-Vigo.

It had only been a few years since Verónica had moved into this apartment; but she did not wish to end her days in him. La Forqué’s plan was to “sell everything” and move to Cartagena, where she had a home. She wanted to retire there and, after having worked all her life and having sold the apartment in the capital, retire from it with enormous financial relief. But she couldn’t do it.

The only heiress of Verónica Forqué never thought of keeping the apartment, so, as soon as her mother died, she put it up for sale. A year later, the new owner is already living in it. In this way, María decided to close the circle that her mother had drawn for her, to continue with her wishes. And now, not from Murcia, but “from another room”, as the young woman explained, Verónica rests, dancing and smiling. And while she does, she hopes to meet her daughter again, “because life lasts only a second.”

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