FashionA look for every Christmas plan

A look for every Christmas plan


It is the month in which more plans arise. How many meals do you already have scheduled? Appetizers with colleagues are mixed with dinners with friends and company dinners. Family reunions with snacks for children (who are beginning to have their own commitments), shopping afternoons, movies, gray hair… And designated events in which you have to raise the stylistic bar.

But do not spread panic! Trends and options, there are to choose from. Evaluate the plan, the company and the context well and choose accordingly. Because it is not the same to have dinner next to the CEO of your company than a girls’ dinner or a snack with the parents of the school. Are you going to have dinner with your in-laws? Is the plan to go out drinking as long as the body can handle it? Will you stay ‘relaxing’ at home? We have an option for each way of celebrating; tulle and transparencies, but also impeccable suits and looks with jeans that never fail. Take a look at these looks seen in the international street style and don’t lack inspiration!

Monday 19: things to close in the office

You still have to close things in the office; meetings, presentations and this is a look that lives up to it: a tailored suit in the nineties pattern that has made a strong comeback: the pinstripe. Jewelry and accessories such as sunglasses or the trendy mini bag will give you a cool touch

Tuesday 20: Christmas market

And a cold that peels. Dress up in your warmest coat, hat and gloves and enjoy the Christmas lights and markets.

Wednesday 21: company dinner

Discreet but ultra-sophisticated in a head-to-toe black look that combines various textures (ruffles, skin effect…) and is sublimated with makeup: eyeliner and dark lips.

Thursday 22: the school show

Are you going to see the children’s show at school? You will be the most elegant mother with a dressing gown coat and high salons.

Friday the 23rd: dinner with friends

The funniest Christmas dinner: the one you celebrate with your friends. So a cool and sexy point; oversize suit and transparent shirt.

Saturday 24: family plan

What would Christmas be without an ‘ugly sweater’? It is the garment with which you will hit for those holidays that you spend at home.

Sunday 25: Christmas lunch

How will red be missing in your Christmas look? A dress, a blazer or a simple sweater will give you a touch of color. Olivia Palermo wears it in a very elegant layered look that she makes more sophisticated thanks to sandals and accessories.

Monday 26: work morning

For those working days between parties: elegant and spacious clothes and shoes with a special touch in case something comes up after work.

Tuesday 27: mini excursion

If you take the opportunity to take a mini trip to the countryside or to the beach, go for a warm and folk-inspired look. Like this one that Sofia Sanchez de Betak wears with jeans, blazer, scarf and suede coat, an essential for the coldest days.

Wednesday 28: family reunion

Classic and impeccable with the most ladylike elements : lacing, tweed jacket, bag with chain and hat.

Thursday 29: we went out dancing

And what better than one of the most successful garments of recent seasons: glitter pants . Sequins, metallic, gold, silver or even prints. We like them all! And especially when they are combined with other more sober elements such as a white t-shirt or a blazer.

Friday 30: expo and brunch

Have you managed to make room for a cultural plan? Bring out your urban side with pieces like the denim midi skirt that is making a comeback, the always elegant black turtleneck and ankle boots with a special touch.

Saturday 31. New Year’s Eve

Great dress and long coat, but everything updated. Here Candela Novembre is wearing a black dress with appliqués and chains by Chanel and combines it with a long leather-effect jacket and even sunglasses!

Sunday January 1: Welcome to the New Year

Comfortable but with a chic touch like the one given to Christy Turlington by this tweed-trimmed jacket and black pumps. perfect.

Monday 2: Christmas shopping

Finishing the gift lists, you go around the city with a comfortable but also chic look: red boots (very Parisian), a ‘tasty’ wool sweater and a large bag where everything fits.

Tuesday 3: cinema

Movie afternoon or gray hair… The perfect combo always includes basics like jeans that fit well, a white T-shirt and an impeccable coat. You don’t need more.

Wednesday 4: roscon afternoon

Snack with friends in which don’t miss the roscon or the chocolate with churros. Some jeans accompanied by some more Christmassy garment such as the cape or some jeweled shoes.

Thursday 5: horseback riding

Warm and with comfortable shoes to accompany the ride and take all the candies in the world.

Friday 6: Three Kings Day

It is a day to stay at home enjoying a long breakfast and all the gifts. What better than doing it with deluxe pajamas like pleated and powdery color?

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