FashionThis is the New Year's Eve dress that suits...

This is the New Year’s Eve dress that suits you best


We are counting down to the last night of the year and surely you have in your basket or ‘wishlist’ a dress to wear for that special day. Because, whether you are going out on the town or simply toasting at home with your loved ones, we always like to brand new or rescue something special from the closet. As every year, the bets of the fashion brands have been the everlasting sequined dresses, the elegant sets of velvet, lace, fringes and asymmetrical necklines.

There are trends for all tastes and styles, but before we go crazy choosing, perhaps a little analysis of our morphology is in order to find the one that we can really get the most out of. It may sound a bit old school and it is true that, when it comes to fashion, what is important is the crush and what makes us feel up when we see ourselves in the mirror. But hey, it’s true that this spirit is also strengthened when we look prettier than ever, right? Many of us feel that low with certain clothes that do not end up favoring us. The short ones fight with palazzo pants, those with a lot of chest sometimes feel uncomfortable with transparencies or large necklines, the very tall ones look too long.

Here we have prepared a small guide with the theory of what is most favorable. You can pay attention to it or not, but I am sure that for those of you who are undecided, it will help you. Happy old night!

You need to optically lengthen your silhouette and especially your legs. Get it high waisted or at the waist, draw the spotlight here to balance the proportion. Draped skirts look good on you, trapeze line, mini dresses, vertical stripes and of course, whenever you want and can, resort to heels.

You can wear all kinds of lengths; by the knee, midi, maxi… And the best? Combine whenever you want with flat shoes because in your case it will never look bad (not even high-top boots and a calf-length skirt…horror? No, you can). The maxi dresses, the low waist, the overlays and the flowing lines will suit you better than anyone.

Although it sounds obvious, it is important to choose the size well; Neither very tight clothes nor volumes that add one more size. Leave the area without accessories or decorations, use flowing fabrics instead of rigid ones and choose the V-neckline, it is the one that stylizes the most. The wide straps also balance, as well as focus attention on the waist. Everything is a matter of proportion.

The closed necklines, to the box, with ornaments and that visually fill the chest area will favor you more. You can also take the opportunity to show off all types of ‘bra friendy’ necklines: very deep, with cut ‘outs’, lateral or side boob

The objective is not to increase its width any further. Get it with closed necklines, V-shaped, box and oval necklines.

Do not cinch the waist much to avoid appearing that you do not have. Accentuate the shoulders with volume or shoulder pads. Straight and loose silhouettes, geometric prints and polka dots favor you.

If you are proud of your curves, but sometimes you would like to hide your hips, you can opt for flowing fabrics, silks, slightly fitted or bias cuts, and monocolor tones. You can also compensate with volume in the shoulders and marking the waist.

To stylize them, avoid tight-fitting tops and sleeves and choose wide, sagging raglan, batwing, or Japanese spots.

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