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The 5 types of bags that will be worn the most in Autumn/Winter 2022-2023


We are catching up with all the trends that in autumn/winter 2022-2023 are going to conquer our looks. Fashion garments such as the tank top, cargo pants and many others that we are already wearing. But what about plugins? We do not forget one of those that raises the most passions: the bag.

Trends also influence the bags we carry and that is why we are going to tell you what kind of bags will succeed next season. Check the closet in case you already have an old one that you can recover and give it a second life. And take the opportunity to catch up with the latest in fashion to choose knowing in advance what will take.

Types of bags that will be worn in autumn 2022

We have reviewed the autumn/winter 2022-2023 collections to look at the bags proposed by the big fashion brands. It is on the catwalks where these trends emerge that are later transferred to the street. Those who can afford it choose the original designs of these prestigious brands, which do not bet on the versions of handbag trends sold by low-cost brands.

In addition to maintaining bags that are already integrated into our daily lives, such as rectangular or square quilted bags, mini i size bags, envelope-type or very thin bags, and practical leather backpacks, there are some trends that seem to have come to stay for a while. . Some of these bags even combine several of them with a lot of style.

  • We are talking about XL size bags, large leather shopper bags that will be great for mothers who have to carry many things, but we will also adore them to go to class or to go on a trip. Salvatore Ferragamo, The Row, Proenza Schouler are some of the firms that included these maxi bags in their collections.
  • Crescent shaped shoulder bags. Bags with curved shapes and short handles that we saw in the Bottega Veneta, Louis Vuitton or Miu Miu collections. They have moved into the trend with multiple shapes, sizes, colors and fabrics.
  • Bags-teddy. Fendi, Helmut Lang and Off-White are some of the firms that have returned this trend from the 2000s to 2022. Unexpected colours, medium or small sizes and shapes ranging from the clutch to the shoulder bag.
  • Bags that are quite a party. Metallic colors, strass, glitter, charlo, etc. Courreges and Blumarine are some of the brands that have proposed them, but the list is very long.
  • Artistic bags. Originality takes over the bags with geometric or architectural shapes, paintings, suggestive shapes, unexpected fabrics, etc. Chloe, Coperni, Simone Rocha and other brands have inspired us.

5 fashion bags that you want to sign 

Adolfo Dominguez offers us this curved bag with a short handle in various colors, the classic black you can combine with all your looks. As an extra, it is interesting to know that this medium-sized baguette bag is made of recycled polyurethane and has an organic cotton inner lining.

XXL shopper pocket

This Abbacino bag in muted green cowhide leather with tassel detail is perfect for those looking for a large, quality bag

Architectural pocket

This Sfera bag is a perfect example of the trend of geometric and artistic bags that we have discussed. In white (another trend in bags that has been with us for several seasons), with interlocking fabric and medium size. 

Silver bag

This Phielabel signature bag, the Constanza maxi model, is a versatile design made of high-quality cowhide with silver coconut engraving and a mouthpiece with magnetic closure. It can be used as a shoulder bag and as a handbag. With cotton satin lining and interior zip pocket. It is a bag made in Spain. 

Plush bag

This All We Love handbag is an ideal model for those who want to follow the trend of bags with fur. This one is made of synthetic hair and has a water green color with short black leather handles. 

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