TechnologyWOSH, the most innovative online and ecological laundry

WOSH, the most innovative online and ecological laundry


What time is it? Well surely, right now, not the most appropriate to put a washing machine. The fact that electricity has become more expensive is no longer a surprise to anyone, and it seems that the price escalation will last until 2023. We have learned to adapt to ungodly hours to save a few euros on the electricity bill, but there are times when which we cannot always be available at those hours. It can happen to us putting a dishwasher, or as in this case, washing clothes.

As we are not very supporters of accumulating clothes until the weekend arrives, today we bring you the WOSH mobile application. The most innovative online and ecological laundry in the world, with which we can save a few eurillos every week.

Forget putting on the washing machine: WOSH takes care of everything

WOSH is the perfect example of how you can continue to innovate even in traditionally less creative sectors such as laundry. It does so through a hybrid functionality between the digital world and industrial technology, resulting in a different and ecological laundry. Without going any further, in 2020 WOSH received the  CINET award for the most innovative laundry in the world. Its revolutionary business design and care of clothing have generated an expansion of its digital franchises in the company.

Its use is very simple. From the WOSH application we can request punctual laundry and dry cleaning services with established prices depending on the clothes we want to wash and iron. In addition, on the web you can access cheaper monthly subscription plans and adapted for you to wash clothes. The subscription service is very practical for those who want to spend the time it takes to run the washing machine to other activities or for those who have certain difficulties in doing household chores. This also makes it a good gift for loved ones with mobility problems. 

In addition, from the application, customers will be able to track the status of their laundry, select the day of collection and delivery time, and even choose the size of the laundry based on the needs of each user. WOSH takes care of the rest!

Reinventing laundry from an ecological and close vision

Not everything is digital at WOSH. They also have physical stores where you can wash clothes, with a careful and open design. In them you will be able to see the entire process, from washing to drying, without forgetting the disinfection and ironing of each garment. In addition to the home delivery service, WOSH offers the possibility of delivering and collecting laundry at the store. 

One of WOSH’s priorities is to provide a service that helps people: from clients with mobility problems to users who wish to dedicate their time from housework to other recreational and leisure activities. For this reason, WOSH is committed to offering the best possible service, always taking care of the environment into account at all stages of service development.  

From WOSH they support the use of means of transport that are consistent with their  zero pollution policy. For this reason, the collection and delivery at homes is always done through electric bicycles within the city, and reusable bags are always used. In turn, the washing process is different from the rest: WOSH does not use chemical solvents and with this innovative service 50% of the water used in domestic laundry is saved

With WOSH you will never have to worry about putting the washing machine on again. Invest that time in what you prefer. And if possible, other than reviewing the light saving application to put while the dishwasher!

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