TechnologyTake the leap and explore Telefonica World with your...

Take the leap and explore Telefonica World with your Meta Quest 2


Telefonica Metaverse Day was held on September 29 at the Telefonica District Auditorium, and for the first time attendees could choose between three ways to enjoy the event : face-to-face, streaming or through AltSpaceVR.  

Virtual proposals are increasingly common, and demonstrate the interest of companies in continuing to bet on these emerging technologies. Telefonica did not want to be left behind, and during Telefonica Metaverse Day new features were presented such as the virtual environment of Movistar Experiencia Immersiva, with outstanding experiences such as those of the artist Okuda San Miguel or the possibility of visiting the virtual set of La Resistencia. The Movistar Plus+ application for Meta Quest 2 was also shown, which allows access to Movistar Plus+’s own contents in VR to see them on the big screen. In addition, in it you can enjoy 360º immersive experiences such as Endesa League basketball matches or original Movistar Plus+ programmes.  

Another of the bets that did not go unnoticed during the event was that of Telefonica World, the first virtual world created by Telefonica for Meta’s virtual social platform called Horizon Worlds. Stay, we will tell you all its details! 

Dynamic and collaborative: this is Telefonica World 

Within Telefonica World you will be able to enter a virtual space to explore alone or in company. This Telefonica world is created in Horizon Worlds, Meta’s virtual social platform for creating worlds in the metaverse. These worlds allow users to move freely thanks to the Meta Quest 2, the company’s VR device.  

As soon as you enter Telefonica World you will find an achievement area on your right . This section will serve as a guide to complete the different missions, as well as an incentive to learn the world of Telefonica by heart. One of the most outstanding areas within Telefonica World is the sculpture area. In this section you can have fun while building different shapes with the Telefonica logo spheres. To do this, you must first locate the ten orbs scattered throughout this virtual world. When you get one of them, you can place them as you like in the center of the sculpture until they acquire the final shape you have imagined. An especially fun area if you dare to enjoy it with friends, since you will be able to distribute the tasks and get the spheres more quickly. 

You can also organize keynotes from the Ted Talks area. Here you can invite other users to give talks related to Horizon Worlds, Telefonica’s immersive experiences or any other topic related to the metaverse. Feel completely free to propose a topic to the Telefonica team and send them your proposals!

You too can help build the Telefonica World of tomorrow  

How would you like the Telefonica World experience to be? What things would you change? What ideas do you have to improve it? Like any other collaborative project, at Telefonica World your opinion also counts. In the suggestions area you will find a space to send your comments to Telefonica’s email, and thus participate in the creation of a more ambitious and creative world.  

Now that you know the basics about Telefonica World, it’s time for you to venture into the unknown. Take advantage of the experience and discover the access to the secret cave, or ride our giant turtle like a true adventurer. You will also find fun minigames where you will have to stack some cubes until you solve the puzzle, or enjoy aerial views of Telefonica World from the top of some soap bubbles.  

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