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What is Kodi and how does this all-in-one software work?


Today we present you with a complete free content manager that will make your life much easier if you are a user who enjoys a multitude of content distributed on different platforms.

If you are looking for the best way to watch movies on your platforms, TV shows, listen to music and watch all your favorite sports in one place, Kodi is the perfect app for you. 

Kodi can play almost all types of media and has an interface very similar to that of a Smart TV. The service does not provide any media of its own and instead relies on files saved locally or from internet sources.

Now, it stands to reason that you feel overwhelmed when it comes to Kodi. The truth is that we are talking about a complex application, with all kinds of useful features available. 

However, to understand all that this app can do, you need to invest some time in learning the ropes. And of course, that starts with understanding what Kodi is and what it can do.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is an open source software media center that allows you to access all kinds of content, including videos and music. You can run that content on any device of your choice, including your TV, laptop, phone, tablet, and others.

Simply put, Kodi replaces all those apps you already have. Instead of having your media library scattered all over your device, you can save all your files and play them within Kodi. 

Also, Kodi is free. This may come as a surprise, but the Kodi developers have decided to offer the app for €0, and there are no hidden costs either.

Disenado para el entretenimiento en casa, lleva casi dos decadas funcionando. Microsoft desarrollo originalmente el software para la Xbox original y lo llamo Xbox Media Center (XBMC). El programa siguio evolucionando y fue mas alla de la plataforma Xbox despues de que Microsoft lo abandonara. 

El equipo no perteneciente a Microsoft que esta detras de lo que ahora se llama Kodi ha construido una comunidad propia, formada por aficionados y desarrolladores.

A diferencia de otras empresas de software de streaming, como Android TV o Plex, Kodi esta gestionado por la Fundacion XBMC, sin animo de lucro. Este es modificado y actualizado continuamente por desarrolladores de todo el mundo y ahora puedes personalizar Kodi instalando complementos o builds que son gratuitos.

¿Como funciona Kodi y como empezar a usarlo?

Kodi puede reproducir casi todo tipo de medios y tiene una interfaz muy parecida a la de una Smart TV. El servicio no proporciona ningun contenido ya que, en su lugar, se basa en archivos guardados localmente o en fuentes de Internet.

Si ya tienes una coleccion de medios almacenados localmente en un disco duro como peliculas y musica, puedes usar Kodi para organizarla, pero tambien puedes ver contenidos de diversos servicios en linea.

En cuanto a como comenzar con Kodi, como ya hemos explicado, este no alberga contenido alguno, ya que es solo un reproductor multimedia que simplemente facilita la reproduccion de contenidos. Para empezar con Kodi, necesitas addons, es decir, complementos o extensiones.

Addons are the biggest contributors to Kodi’s current success. They are the gateway to the huge world of free content on the web. If you like to watch movies and TV shows, satellite TV over the Internet, or sports, it is the addons that will make it possible for you. A simple example would be Pluto TV or YouTube, which we will have to search for in their search engine and install.

In a nutshell, the addons from the official Kodi repository are absolutely essential to get you started. 

On the other hand, we will also be able to install third-party addons that we cannot find in this repository. Of course, as usually happens in Android, we must touch an option within settings that allows us to enable unknown sources that are third-party sources and carry out extra steps that you can see in this article.    

What is supported on Kodi?

Kodi is available on almost all devices. The media center software is easy to download and is compatible with Mac, Linux, Windows (Download for these three operating systems), Android, and even the Raspberry Pi series of microcomputers.

It should be noted that iOS users will be able to run Kodi on their iPhones or iPads if their device is jailbroken (a system that removes some of the limitations imposed by Apple on devices). Of course, it works perfectly with Apple TV.

En el caso de Android, sin embargo, solo necesitaras tener Android 5.0 o posterior e instalar la aplicacion a traves de Google Play. Si quieres ejecutar Kodi en Linux, necesitaras un Intel Pentium 4 o mas reciente y tarjetas graficas fabricadas en 2010 hacia adelante. Tambien deberias disponer de 4 GB de espacio en el disco duro.

Por lo que respecta a Mac, es de esperar que Kodi funcione en MacOS X 10.13 o mas reciente. Los usuarios de Windows necesitaran Windows 7 o una version mas reciente en sus dispositivos para ejecutarlo.

Por otra parte, Kodi tambien se puede instalar en una Smart TV, siempre y cuando el sistema operativo sea Android TV. No hay todavia compatibilidad con los sistemas de Samsung, LG o Sony, por poneros varios ejemplos.

Los que si tienen la posibilidad de tener Kodi son aquellos dongle o TV Box que vengan con el sistema operativo de Google. Existen muchos modelos en el mercado que son compatibles con este sistema como el Google Chromecast con Google TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick o el Xiaomi Mi TV Box S, entre otros.

Kodi puede funcionar en las videoconsolas Xbox descargando este software desde Xbox App Store. Lamentablemente, no tendras la aplicacion en PlayStation. Y por ultimo, Kodi esta disponible incluso en dispositivos Raspberry Pi.

Una vez que se ejecuta en tus dispositivos, veras un banner que te permite elegir Imagenes, Videos, Musica y mas. Solo tienes que ir a lo que quieras y cargar el contenido que elijas. Kodi catalogara todo tu contenido y lo hara facilmente accesible en todos los dispositivos en los que este instalado el software.

Esto es lo que ofrece Kodi que otras apps no tienen

Debido a que Kodi es de codigo abierto, hay literalmente cientos de complementos y aplicaciones Kodi que se pueden utilizar para personalizar y mejorar tu experiencia. Esto realmente lo diferencia de la mayoria de los otros reproductores multimedia que existen.

A lo largo de los anos, Kodi se ha convertido en una aplicacion ultrapotente. Inicialmente, se utilizaba para almacenar y reproducir archivos multimedia. Sin embargo, ahora es un software de cine en casa que puede actuar como un centro de entretenimiento.

Dicho esto, aqui esta todo lo que Kodi puede hacer:

1. Import and Organize Media Libraries: Allows you to import all kinds of media files. The app can import all those files, add metadata, and let you create playlists and organize your library.

2. Play videos, music and photos: With each new year, Kodi improves its media playback capabilities. In addition to being able to recognize and play all standard file types, Kodi also works well with more unusual file types.

3. Watch live TV: By integrating Kodi, you will be able to use it as a PVR. This means that you will be able to watch and record live TV without leaving the Kodi interface.

4. Access multimedia streaming: Thanks to a large number of addons (extra features), you can integrate new types of media streaming services with Kodi, apart from the already well-known Netflix or HBO Max. In addition, it is also compatible with the live television broadcast of DTT and even with our IPTV lists.

5. Play Retro Games: Kodi also allows you to play retro games. Thanks to a lot of emulators, you can use all kinds of controllers to play them.

Kodi Safety and Legality

These are probably two of the most frequently asked questions. Although Kodi itself is not dangerous at all, it may depend on what you are doing. As with anything related to the Internet, your system is only safe from malware if you take the proper steps to ensure that you are not downloading any malware.

As for the legality of Kodi, for the most part, you can watch pretty much anything you want. However, it is necessary to take into account the legality of viewing this content, as well as the way to obtain it. If you have paid subscriptions to certain providers, an app that allows you to view content from that provider may be legal. 

Now, if you install third-party Kodi addons, you have to make sure that you are streaming from legitimate and legal sources only. Doing otherwise could get you into trouble. Basically, this app is 100% legal, as long as you don’t use it for copyright infringement.

On the other hand, many users choose to use a VPN to mask their location and purposely bypass regional content blocks. Just like the Kodi service, VPNs are not illegal to use unless you use them on purpose to break the law.

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