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Best 4K TVs you can buy in 2022 according to your budget


These are the best Smart TV options you can buy right now regardless of how much you want to spend on a new TV. Buying a new 4K TV is not as easy as it seems. Although there are many brands, the market is practically fragmented into Samsung and LG. Both brands take the top positions because they have the best panels and a very good brand position.

If you want to buy a new Smart TV, you should follow these tips to learn how to spend your money better, such as identifying which features are vital for you and not being fooled.

But one of the features that everyone is guided by when buying a new 4K TV is the price. That is why we have chosen some models in different price ranges that we believe are very worthwhile and the price is fair for what you pay.

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You will find Samsung TV models, such as its famous QLED Smart TVs or LG Smart TVs, but do not rule out other brands such as Philips, Sony, Hisense or even Xiaomi. Without a doubt, these Smart TVs will need a good sound bar in order to achieve the best image and audio results.

These are the best 4K Smart TVs of the moment that you can buy and in all kinds of budgets, from cheap basic models, to the most advanced with the best and most expensive panels. Remember that you should keep in mind that during times like Black Friday their prices may vary.

Best Smart TV over €1,000: LG QNED 816QA

If we have to opt for a very good Smart TV of more than 1,000 euros right now, we would opt for this 75-inch LG QNED. The specific model is an LG 75QNED816QA.

The 75-inch 4K Smart TV is a very good option if you want to combine screen size with a panel that looks great and has vibrant colors and a high level of brightness.

For its panel it uses Quantum Dot and Nonocell Plus technology, a combination that allows you to improve your lighting system pixel by pixel. It also has support for HDR 10, HLG, HGiG and Dolby Digital video. It has an AI processor capable of improving the quality of each capture to increase its resolution to 4K.

As a platform, like the rest of LG’s Smart TVs, it has webOS22 where you will have all the streaming apps you need, in addition to having support for HomeKit, Apple AirPlay 2, Google assistant and Alexa.

Best Smart TV over €700: Samsung Q64B

If you can spend more than 700 euros on a new Smart TV and you want a high-quality one with a panel that makes colors jump and has great brightness, with the best 4K video quality, that is, you want the best of better, you can opt for this 65-inch Samsung QLED Q64B.

LG uses a QLED panel with self-illuminating pixels, which allows images to have deeper black tones and much more vibrant colors, reaching 100% color volume.

Design-wise, it’s more of a standard design with two legs instead of a central base, but it’s a slim TV and big enough to watch all your content in great quality.

Best Smart TV under €700: Samsung The Frame QLED

For those looking for a Smart TV at a relatively high price, around 700 euros, but who can squeeze everything it offers for this price, we have a design option: 43-inch Samsung The Frame QLED.

Samsung’s The Frame range are Smart TVs with very small edges but to which you can add magnetic frames that imitate a painting. In this way, combined with its system of screensavers with works of art, it will seem that you have a painting installed in the living room.

It uses a standard Samsung QLED panel, with a 4K resolution with support for HDR 10+, Dolby Vision and the possibility of controlling it with Alexa.

If you plan to install your Smart TV on the wall, without a doubt it is worth betting on a series such as The Frame from the South Korean Samsung.

Best Smart TV between €400 and €600: Philips 43PUS8506/12

For a budget between 400 and 600 euros we cannot stop recommending this Philips 43PUS8506/12.

It is a 43-inch 4K Smart TV with a detail that no other TV contains, a colored lighting system on the back that reacts depending on what you are playing and creates a totally immersive environment. It is the famous Ambilight system and although there are devices to install it on other TVs, nothing like the original.

It has the Philips P5 processor to improve the image by adding more intensity to the colors and the skin tones are more natural. It is compatible with 4K video and is compatible with all current HDR formats, such as HDR10 + or Dolby Vision.

Philips is committed to Android TV as an operating system, so you ensure 3 things: an application and game store with all the streaming apps you may need, integration with the Google assistant and also Chromecast integrated.

It also features a gaming-optimized mode and has a slimmer, more attractive design than previous center-pedestal models.

Best Smart TV under €400: Xiaomi TV F2 50″

Xiaomi TV F2 43″

A 43-inch Smart TV with integrated Amazon Fire TV technology, full control with Alexa and wireless streaming via AirPlay.

  • Amazon 389€
  • Xiaomi 329€

Below 400 euros you will find many Smart TVs that are on sale or are really cheap. But taking into account that the ideal is to extend the maximum number of years of using a TV, we recommend a model that you can get the most out of for a long time.

The new 43-inch Xiaomi TV F2 is one of the first Xiaomi Smart TVs to opt for Amazon’s Fire TV platform instead of Google’s Android TV.

It has the same advantages, like an application store with practically all the ones you may need. It also has HDMI 2.1 and full integration with Alexa to find content to watch or to control other connected products.

In this article, ComputerHoy receives a commission from its affiliate partners for each purchase you make through the product links that we have included, something that in no case implies an additional cost for you. However, our recommendations are always independent and objective. You can check our affiliate policy here

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