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What is DTT and how does it work: channels, programming and the best apps to watch DTT for free on the Internet


If you want to know all the information about DTT and not just what television and radio channels are, you should read this article, since you are going to find out everything about this technology.

We have been using DTT on our televisions for several years, thanks to which we can watch our favorite program or series in the open. But do we really know what we are talking about when we name Digital Terrestrial Television?

It is a technology that changed the way we watched television, since, until its arrival, we had to make do with the analog signal, the one that simply served us to change the channel and put on teletext from time to time when it was on. I needed information.

It may be that we do not give it the importance that DTT deserves, since it is something that is already daily and that we do not stop to think about it, but the truth is that it was a revolution, having certain parameters that until then were unthinkable, things that nowadays we see so normal.

But since at Computer Today we are mavericks and we like to get the most out of all technology, we have decided that it might be a good idea to break down everything related to DTT, not only what it is, but how it works, the possibilities it offers, both in the present as well as in the future and compatibility with other types of devices, among other things.

What is DTT and how does it work?

Digital Terrestrial Television (TDT) is the transmission of images and sound by means of binary coding that occurs through terrestrial transmitters.

With respect to the analogous broadcast until then, there are several advantages such as better use of the radio spectrum by being able to transmit by multiplexing more than one signal, lower transmission costs or the ability to offer better visual and sound quality.

The space that used to be occupied by a signal can now be used multiplex (multiplex) and will depend a lot on the compression used to do so.

DTT has also allowed the broadcast of high definition channels, something that was unthinkable before, since it requires a greater bandwidth, which today is viable and, therefore, we have several channels that broadcast in HD.

The standard used in Spain for the transmission of DTT, as in more than 110 countries, is DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting – Terrestrial). This standard uses COFDM modulation, thanks to which you can have a fairly robust signal, with protection against echoes that could be produced.

In Spain, DTT replaced Analog Terrestrial Television on April 3, 2010, just when the analog signal ceased its broadcasts.

What is needed to have DTT? 

Currently, in order to receive the DTT signal we must meet three premises that are non-negotiable. In other words, all three must be given, since if any of the parts is missing, as is normal, it will be impossible to enjoy this service.

These are the three essential parts:


After the closure of the analog signal, 96% of the Spanish population was reached for private channels and 98% for public channels, as established in the National Technical Plan for Digital Terrestrial Television , approved by Royal Decree 944/2005 of July 29 (BOE 07/30/2005).

These figures have increased, but it is true that they have not reached 100% of the territory, something very complicated. It is estimated that approximately 1.5% of the population that lives in dispersed or isolated areas does not receive the DTT service.

In any case, if it were the case that the signal does not arrive, frequency signal amplifier modules could always be installed to ensure that said area has coverage.

To check the coverage of the town where we plan to see the DTT, we can consult a registered telecommunications installer in your area .

At the antenna

In order to receive the DTT signal, we can continue using the UHF antenna of a lifetime, but with a series of adaptations that must be made and approved by a registered telecommunications installer .

If it is going to be new, you must place a DTT antenna or directly a satellite dish that has an LNB . The normal thing is that 60 cm antennas are installed, which are more than enough.


The last thing is that we have at home a television compatible with DTT or an external device so that the TV adapts to it.

Today there is no television on the market without DTT, so it is normal that you do not have the slightest problem in this regard. 

If you have any difficulties in this regard, the main brands of televisions will explain how you should do it. This is where you can head.

  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Sony
  • Panasonic
  • Philips
  • HiSense

What are the DTT channels in Spain? 

At present, many channels are broadcast nationwide by DTT, which means that we have many options when watching television .

The current location of the television operators at the national level is as follows:

RGE1RGE2MPE1MPE2MPE3MPE4MPE5Corporacion RTVECorporacion RTVENet TVAtresmedia TelevisionMediaset EspanaAtresmedia TelevisionAtresmedia TelevisionCorporacion RTVECorporacion RTVENet TVAtresmedia TelevisionMediaset EspanaMediaset EspanaMediaset EspanaCorporacion RTVECorporacion RTVE Veo TelevisionAtresmedia TelevisionMediaset EspanaMediaset EspanaReal Madrid TelevisionCorporacion RTVERadio BlancaVeo TelevisionAtresmedia TelevisionMediaset EspanaTrece TV
  • La1, La2, 24h, Clan, Teledeporte, La1 HD, La2 HD, 24h HD, Clan HD and Teledeporte HD belong to the RTVE Corporation .
  • Atresmedia Television has Antena 3, Neox, Nova, Atreseries, La Sexta, Mega, Antena 3 HD and LA Sexta HD.
  • At Mediaset Espana we can see Telecinco, Cuatro, FDF, Boing, Divinity, Energy, Be Mad, Telecinco HD and Cuatro HD.
  • Net Television shows us the channels Disney Channel and Paramount Network.
  • At Veo Television we have DMax and Go!Play.
  • Trece Television consists of Trece TV.
  • Ten belongs to the Secuoya Group .
  • Real Madrid Television is the owner of RealMadridTV.

Pay DTT and free channels

Pay DTT currently does not work in Spain , after several totally unsuccessful attempts to incorporate it into the television scene in our country.

It began in 1999 with the disappeared Quiero TV , even before the analog blackout that occurred in 2010 as we have already told you.

Quiero TV came to Spain with significant support from the company Retevision (Grupo Auna), with the promise of offering exclusive and quality content just by using DTT and a decoder . It had a clear intention of competing with the digital satellite platforms that dominated at that time, such as Via Digital and Canal Satelite Digital .

The activity of this new service only lasted two years, after an investment of 900 million and losses of nearly 400 million euros. A resounding failure.

In 2009 the Government definitively approved pay DTT, which caused MediaPro to place the premium channel Gol Television where Hogar 10 was .

Shortly after, an agreement was made public between Sony Entertainment Television and AXN to retransmit where Veo Television had been until then. There was also another change, since the broadcasts of 40 Latino were suppressed to start with Canal+ Dos , which only lasted one year, since it closed in 2011.

Gol Television as a pay channel also ended up succumbing, causing the DTT Premium (pay) to disappear in Spain due to its low acceptance by the public, something that contrasts with other countries close to us such as France and Italy where there is not a great offer , but if it is maintained over the years.

The truth is that for now it is not seen that pay DTT can be established in Spain , so DTT channels will continue to broadcast openly at least in the short and medium term.

How to watch DTT online 

DTT can also be enjoyed over the Internet, since we will have several methods to achieve it.

We will be able to use the channels’ own online services, although there are also websites where they offer us the possibility of enjoying this.

The vast majority of Spanish television channels can be seen online through their own services. Although they are almost all, there are still some who do not have this possibility.

  • La1: lo go to ver en RTVE.es
  • La2: lo go to ver in RTVE.es
  • Antena 3 : you are going to see it on Atresplayer
  • Cuatro : you will see it on Cuatro.com
  • Telecinco : you are going to see it on Telecinco.es
  • LaSexta: you are going to see it in Atresplayer
  • Neox : you will see it in Atresplayer
  • Nova: you are going to see it in Atresplayer
  • Atreseries: go see it in Atresplayer
  • Mega: you are going to see it in Atresplayer
  • Teledeporte: you will see it on RTVE.es
  • Canal 24H: you will see it on RTVE.es
  • Divinity: you will see it at Mitele.es
  • Energy: lo va ver en Mitele.es
  • Be Mad: lo va a ver en Mitele.es
  • Boing: lo va a ver en Mitele.es
  • FDF: lo va a ver en Mitele.es
  • Paramount : lo va ver en Paramountnetwork.es
  • Mtmad24h : you will see it in Mitele.es
  • Telemadrid : you are going to see it on Telemadrid.es
  • TV3: lo va a ver en Ccma.cat
  • Canal Sur : lo va a ver on YouTube
  • TVG: You can see it on Crtvg.es
  • ETB: lo va ver en Eitb.eus
  • TV Canarias: you are going to see it on Rtvc.es
  • CMMedia : lo va ver en Cmmedia.es
  • IB3: I’ll go to IB3.org
  • Aragon TV: you are going to see it on Aragontelevision.es
  • 7RM: lo go to ver en 7tvregiondemurcia.es
  • TPA: you will see it on Rtpa.es
  • CyL7: lo go to ver en Rtvcyl.es

We can also use some web pages to see the DTT channels in a simple way, they could choose the one we want, in the style of what we do on television itself.

The main websites that allow us to see DTT are:



TDTChannels is a website where we have both DTT and radio broadcasts, so we will be able to enjoy it twice. 

It is totally free and the best of all is that it does not have ads , something that today is appreciated. 

It has a mobile version, both for Android and iOS, which can be downloaded on the same website. 



MiTeleOnline is another website to access digital terrestrial television channels , in the same way as if we were in front of the television, that is, selecting which channel we want to see and that’s it. 

With just having a browser we can enjoy DTT channels on any type of device.


Tivify is a service in which we have to subscribe to be able to enjoy DTT channels

It is a platform that has three operating options, one free where you can watch more than 150 channels and two other paid ones in which the offer is expanded, obviously for a monthly fee.

Tell her

Diretele is a website that collects all the links to the different DTT channels in Spain so that we can see it at that moment and without having to go looking for it ourselves.

The operation is as simple as clicking on the channel that we want to see and it will automatically go to the official website where we can start enjoying the live show.

photo call

In Photocall we also have all the DTT channels to see from our browser.

But not only that, but we are going to be able to watch foreign channels and some national ones. but they are not on DTT, such as Barca TV, GolPlay, Hello! TV or Brand among others.

The best apps to watch DTT on your mobile or tablet

There are certain applications through which we will be able to watch DTT on our mobile device or tablet.

We will always have the opportunity to take advantage of the websites that we have shown you in the previous section, but if we want proper applications, these are the best today.


As we already told you when we talked about its version for the website, the truth is that it has a mobile version , it doesn’t matter if you have an Android terminal or if your operating system is iOS, since there is a version for both. 

If your terminal is an Android, you must download it from the TDTChannels website and install an apk file, in the case of iOS you can enter the Apple Store to have this app on your iPhone or iPad.


As in the previous example, we have also shown Tivify to you on the websites to watch the DTT, but it could not be missing in this section, since it has the possibility that we can also enjoy this service on the mobile or the tablet .

There are both versions for Android and for Apple devices, so it will not matter which tablet or mobile you have.

Mi Television Online

This is an application, only for iOS devices with which we can see the DTT channels.

It has a very simple interface and all we have to do is choose the channel and click to start watching it.

It allows you to add reminders of movies, series or programs to notify us and thus not miss it.

DTT channels Spain

In this case it is an application that only works on Android and which will allow us to see the DTT channels.

It is true that in many of the options it automatically sends us to the channel’s website , but in others it is integrated into its interface, which, by the way, is very simple and will not cause us the slightest problem.

Official Apps

The other solution that we have to watch the different channels is to install the official Android or iOS applications of certain channels that have this service at our disposal.

As it happens in the websites or IPTV services, you can see what they are broadcasting in real time if you access the official services.

  • RTVE Play : to watch La1, La2, 24h, Clan and Teledeporte (Android / iOS)
  • Atres Player : we will be able to see the channels Antena 3, Neox, Nova, Atreseries, La Sexta and Mega (Android / iOS).
  • Mitele : we will be able to watch live Tele 5, Cuatro, FDF, Energy, Divinity, Boing and Be Mad (Android / iOS).

DTT programming: how to know what to see today on DTT?

The best way we have to know what is being broadcast at the moment on any of the DTT channels is to use our mobile phone and enter an app that gives us all this information .

Although if we use our Internet search engine we will find many websites where they indicate the day’s schedule, and that even entering the official pages we can also know it, we believe that the easiest gesture is to have said information on the screen of our mobile or tablet.

Some of the best apps in this regard are:

TV Profile

TVProfil is going to provide us with all the information on what each DTT channel is going to broadcast.

It not only works with chains that operate nationwide , but also covers regional ones . But it does not stop there, since, if we are people who often travel through Europe , we will also have the guide from other countries, Germany or Italy, to give you an example.

You can place chains as favorites and even do a search by certain filters or keywords . It is present for both Android and iOS.

Synchro Guide

It is an application through which we can keep track of what the main channels in Spain are broadcasting at all times.

Its web version is really good and the app follows the same path offering us enough information .

We will be able to filter by genres and channels, in addition to being able to use the favorites . It can be downloaded on Android and iOS.

Mi Guia TV

The best thing about Mi Guia TV is the simplicity of its interface, which allows us to see what each channel is broadcasting in a direct, clear and concise way at a single glance .

You can add which are your favorite channels to go directly to them without having to go through the previous ones.

It is present for both Android and iOS operating system.

Current situation of DTT in Spain and future

The truth is that neither the present nor the future of DTT seem to be on the right path. When the National Technical Plan for Digital Terrestrial Television that is in force was approved, it stated that on January 1, 2023, the migration of channels to a standard HD (High Definition) resolution should be carried out . At the same time, it was included that the televisions sold from that date were fully compatible with this resolution.

Well, with a few months to go before said date, the Government of Spain launches a Royal Decree and suspends this rule until February 14, 2024 so that all channels evolve to high definition, paralyzed because of all the time of pandemic according to the executive.

This is a setback in the move from SD to HD, which leads to a possible integration of UHD (Ultra High Definition) in the future, which now seems much further away than ever.

The big problem lies in the cost of going to HD, since it is not only the integration of the signal, but also the production systems, the cameras, the edition of the channels and everything that has to do with the technical part, they must be compatible with this system, something that channels with less audience assume as a huge expense .

It seems that the future of DTT would go through a streaming model taking advantage of the virtues of 5G, not in vain the DVB ((the consortium that promotes digital television standards) and the 5G Media Action Group (5G-MAG, an organization intersectoral) have allied to achieve this objective.

It is intended that everything we know today as DTT, becomes another streaming service , although there is no specific date for this result.

Be that as it may, it does not seem that DTT is going to disappear, at least in a short period of years, as some predicted when this whole system began to work in Europe.

But that does not mean that its future seems clear, since, as occurs in other areas, there are very good ideas, but when it comes to putting them into practice there are too many monetary and bureaucratic obstacles.

Improvisation continues to command , something that is not a travel companion, since it does not provide security or reliability to any type of long-term project.

As you have been able to read all of the DTT is something that, of course, revolutionized our way of watching television, although some have the feeling that said revolution was left halfway and that it has had too many stones in the way.

The future of this technology can be exciting and begin to offer much more than what it has meant to the viewer up to now, but it is clear that there must be will, both on the part of the companies in the sector, but also on the part of those who govern, both in Spain and in Europe.

We can only wait to find out which of all the paths DTT will take, assuming that no more alternatives emerge on its journey into the future.

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