EntertainmentTVThese are some alternatives to continue watching DTT online...

These are some alternatives to continue watching DTT online for free after the closure of TDTChannels


TDTChannels has just announced via Twitter a “pause” on its website (although it smells like a final closure) leaving thousands of users without being able to access all its content online and for free. Despite this, we leave you with some great alternatives so you can continue enjoying DTT.

The Spanish platform TDTChannels, a project that worked collaboratively through GitHub, has just announced the closure of its free online DTT service for mobile, web and IPTV players.

For those who still do not know what we are talking about, although there will be few who have not tried this page, TDTChannels was a website where you could watch different DTT channels totally free.

In addition, it was a great option to also take into account to view them from an Android mobile (in APK format) or iPhone, so it was really useful. The great advantage is that you had all the channels in one place without having to leave the page.

It had 642 television channels available to be viewed at any time and a list of almost 900 radio stations.

Note that, according to reports in the published tweet , they speak of a “pause” in the service. We might think that it is in a maintenance phase, but nothing is further from the truth. 

Of course, the causes of this “temporary” closure are completely unknown, although there is talk of a possible forced closure since, if we remember, TDTChannels was accused of sharing content from LaLiga soccer, protected by copyright.

As you can see in the following image, no television, radio or IPTV list channels are offered anymore , although you can still access their website, which we leave you linked to.

The best alternatives to TDTChannels after its closure

After this closure, we want to offer you some equally good alternatives to make up for this loss. We found Photocall TV, Tivify and FuboTV.

Photocall TV: It works quite well and is similar to TDTChannels, compared to other existing options, as well as being totally free and having a huge repertoire of content for all tastes.

The positive thing about this platform is that, as it is also a website, you can see it from any browser on a multitude of devices, in addition to finding programming guides, links to use VPNs, usage information, etc.

As soon as you access it you will be able to see a huge list of national DTT television channels, international channels also open, others that include a large number of free and paid channels with different themes and also radio.

Tivify: In addition to accessing live channels, users who access Tivify without registering will be able to see the content that has been broadcast in the last seven days on a selection of channels, as well as recommendations for outstanding content from streaming platforms. More popular.

Registration to view these channels is still free, as they are included in the Tivify Free plan, according to the company.

This plan already provides access to more than 160 channels. However, there is a paid offer, Tivify Plus, priced at €1.99 per month, which adds more channels along with additional features.

FuboTV: finally, FuboTV is another very interesting alternative with which we will have a few channels at our disposal such as Movistar Series, Calle 13, SyFy, Mtv, Comedy Central or Nickelodeon, among others. All you have to do is go to Guia TV to access all the channels it includes at a glance.

In addition, it has a recorder system that does not offer 30 hours so that we can record our favorite shows or movies.

With all this, this platform seeks to expand its content towards another type of entertainment: sports. It is one of the cheapest options (€3.99 per month) and at the same time its low price does not reflect negatively on the quality or quantity of content. To this we must add the difference, in addition, the payment can be made every month, every three months or annually.

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