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The British royal family shows their union after the attacks by Harry and Meghan in their documentary


In the midst of the storm in which the British monarchy is being immersed by the six chapters of the documentary Enrique and Meghan, the royal family has reappeared to show an image of union to the rest of the world.

All eyes now look to Buckingham after the latest accusations by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who blame the entity for pouring slander on them to the British press to focus the focus of the controversy on the couple. But in London everything is taking its course and members of the royal family attended a Christmas carol concert, Together at Christmas, organized by Kate Middleton last night at Westminster Abbey.

Smiling faces and togetherness. That is the summary of the evening that was attended by Kings Carlos and Camila to Eugenia de York, who appears in the documentary of the dukes due to the great affinity that unites him with her cousin, Prince Enrique. An appointment that has been dedicated to the late Elizabeth II in the first Christmas without the monarch after her death on September 8. A tribute to the values ​​that the sovereign demonstrated throughout her life and which were, as the Princess of Wales pointed out yesterday, duty, empathy, faith, service, kindness, compassion and support for others. At the entrance to the event, the public cheered Guillermo and Kate, who were accompanied by their two eldest children, with words of affection and support: “We love you.”

Around 2,000 people have attended the evening, organized for the second consecutive year by the Princess of Wales, in which members of royalty and close relatives have participated, but also people who during 2022 have helped others with their work humanitarian. There was also no lack of children of the princes of Wales, Jorge and Carlota —the little one, Luis, did not attend the appointment due to his young age—, in his third official act at Westminster Abbey. His official debut was last March, when they attended the thanksgiving service in honor of the Duke of Edinburgh; six months later, they would return for Elizabeth II’s funeral. In addition to having the support of the Windsors, the Princess of Wales had the support of her own family, her parents and her two brothers.

The memory of Elizabeth II has been very present throughout the event. William of Wales, heir to the throne, wanted to remember his grandmother by reading a part of the Christmas message he delivered in 2012: “At Christmas, I am always surprised how the spirit of union is also at the heart of the Christmas story.” This year, despite the absence of the monarch, it will not be different, since they are all expected to meet together in Sandringham —who more than likely will not attend will be the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, something that is yet to be confirmed. confirmed-.

Before the concert, the Princess of Wales was happy and amused with those present. In a conversation with artist Alfie Boe, she defined herself as a bad singer: “My kids probably wouldn’t forgive me, I’m not sure if they think I have a particularly good singing voice.” The event included musical performances by guests such as Craig David, Alexis French and Samantha Barks, Alfie Boe and Melanie C, a former member of the Spice Girls. Following the concert, Kate Middleton thanked everyone who helped organize the event: “It’s been fantastic honoring inspiring people and outstanding organizations.”

The burgundy color has been the protagonist of the appointment at the abbey. The Princess of Wales and her daughter came in the same color, a familiar nod that William followed with a tie of the same hue. Zara Phillips, daughter of Princess Anne, and Pippa Middleton, sister of Kate, also opted for burgundy.

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