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Rihanna shares the first image of her son


At the end of last September, Rihanna made headlines with the news that she will be the star of the next Super Bowl. A month later, she was also making headlines with her first song in six years. And now she does it for something much less usual for her, such as sharing her private life.

The Barbados singer has shared this Saturday, December 17, the first image of her son, born last May, on her profile on the TikTok social network. Something unusual in her, because in her social networks she does not usually share her plots of her life with her followers and hers are much more focused on her career as a singer and successful business entrepreneur. Something that also shows that after six months of the child, neither she nor her partner, the rapper A $ AP Rocky, have yet revealed the name of the child.

A few hours after sharing the 45-second video, which the superstar has titled hacked, it already has more than five million views on the social network, where the 34-year-old artist has more than six million. of followers. In the images, you can see the little boy sitting in the car seat and smiling. Gesturing, adorable and smiling, she looks like he is addressing her mother. “Are you trying to get mom’s phone number?” Rihanna asks. A few seconds later, the baby yawns as he watches out the car window.

It was last January when the artist couple announced that they were going to become parents for the first time. They did not do it with a photo on Instagram or through a statement, as so many other celebrities do. In her case, it was with a walk through the streets of the Harlem neighborhood of New York, when the singer allowed herself to be photographed showing her belly, already in an obvious state of pregnancy. The singer dressed for the occasion in jeans, a large number of necklaces and a long pink coat that she left open despite the cold with all the chains hanging over her belly. In the photo shoot, the couple was seen embracing and kissing, looking directly into the camera. The one from Barbados then recognized that she was very excited to become a mother and that she couldn’t be happier.

The singer has always wanted to be a mother. In June 2019, she spoke with Sarah Paulson, an actress with whom she co-starred in Ocean’s Eight, for Interview magazine. She already then stated: “Having a child is what I want most in the world.” A couple of years passed until she gave birth to her first child, born on May 13 in Los Angeles (California). Rihanna and A$AP Rocky have known each other for almost nine years, but their relationship began much less time ago. Also in this they have been very discreet, and the only thing that has transpired is that they have been together since at least the spring of 2020.

The one from Barbados is one of the most well-known, powerful and millionaire artists in the world. In fact, in August 2021, she became part of the billionaires’ club. In the last five years, she has become a wealthy businesswoman thanks to her underwear and makeup companies. Forbes magazine estimates her assets at 1.7 billion dollars, more than 1.6 billion euros at the current exchange rate. According to the publication, the majority of her income comes from the success of her makeup line, Fenty Beauty, followed by her lingerie brand, Savage x Fenty, and, later, by her career as singer and actress. But Rihanna is again focused on music, last November she published her first original song in six years, Lift Me Up, which is part of the soundtrack of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

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