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‘Nightmare in El Paraíso’ already has a date to reopen its farm on Telecinco with its second edition


A Nightmare in El Paraíso closes its first edition on Telecinco this Wednesday night, with Iván Molina,  Bea Retamal, Víctor Janeiro  and  Daniela Requena as finalists and contenders for the final victory.

But the reality show presented by Carlos Sobera and produced by Fremantle already has everything ready for the start of its second edition, which we already anticipated. So much so that it will barely wait in 2023. According to what verTele has learned, if Mediaset does not change its plans the format farm will reopen on Monday, January 2 to start the pre-coexistence of celebrities, and its broadcasts and premiere will arrive on January 8, Sunday.

Directly in the first week of 2023, Telecinco will start its commitment to its reality show, on the same farm in Jimena de la Frontera . At first the idea was to change the dynamic so that it was in pairs, but the impossibility of finding celebrities who participated in this way, in duos, has ended up encouraging the chain to repeat the same formula with solo contestants.

In fact, the first two that will serve as headliners have already been revealed. As anticipated by TVienes and confirmed by verTele, Maite Galdeano  and  Kiko Jiménez will be part of this second edition of A Nightmare in El Paraíso , and may be officially announced in the same final of the first edition this Wednesday.

In addition, and as Mediaset has already officially announced, there is an important change in its presenters. Sandra Barneda and Nagore Robles join the reality show, with the curiosity sought by the chain to see them work together, since they are ex-partners. The first will be in charge of leading the Sunday debates, and the second will co-present from the farm. With Sobera repeating at the head of the main galas, the departure of Lara Álvarez stands out . The Asturian will not be in Survivors 2023 either (replaced by Laura Madrueño) in a decision that Mediaset has justified by the fatigue and continued dedication of the journalist to reality shows with long periods away from home.

A Nightmare in Paradise 2 may still bring more surprises. We will have to wait a little longer to find out if the chain and producer are committed to some other renowned modification, or if given the short time between one edition and another (just 12 days will pass between the end of the first and the reopening of the farm for the second) finally the same format is repeated.

Ahead, it has the major challenge of trying to revive its audiences, far from those that Telecinco requires of its reality shows, which are always stars of its programming and are entrusted with contributing content to the rest of its daily programs. This first edition, in the absence of the final, will close with just an 11% average share, and barely saving the million viewers.

This is going to be the final of ‘Nightmare in Paradise 1’

Before that future as near as January 2, 2023 when he reopens his farm, A Nightmare in El Paraíso closes its first edition this Wednesday, December 21. She does it after Lara Álvarez’s notorious farewell, her message to Nagore Robles as her substitute, and after having revealed the blind percentages of her four finalists.

As Mediaset explains in a note, the four candidates for victory will know the decision of the audience that, with their votes through the Mitele app, will designate the winner of  Pesadilla en El Paraíso  in the grand finale of the reality show that will be hosted by Carlos Sobera.

Throughout the night, the online voting will be closed punctually to announce who is being eliminated in the race for victory. Each of the applicants will be interviewed on the set, where he will be able to take stock of what he experienced in Jimena de la Frontera in the presence of many of his former classmates. In addition, the finalists will star in reunions with their family and friends  after more than 15 weeks, in the case of Víctor and Daniela, living together in El Paraíso.

The window to the second edition will be important in the final gala. Sandra Barneda and Nagore Robles will visit the set to advance some of the news that the new reality show will bring, from which the identities of the first two famous contestants will also be revealed through live connections with both.

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