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The 10 series of the week receive ‘Emily in Paris’ to spend Christmas with ‘The Witcher’ and ‘UPA’


We landed in the penultimate week of the year before getting ready to say goodbye to 2022. Between trays full of marzipans, polvorones and nougats of all kinds to sweeten Christmas, the streaming platforms refresh the contents of their catalogs with 10 series that land this week to bring some entertainment to these Christmas days.

Although it is a weak week in terms of the volume of releases, the viewer who so wishes will be able to enjoy a varied repertoire of fictions on demand to add some extra emotion to Christmas. For those who want to add some action beyond the planned family dinners, you can enjoy the premiere of the third season Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan on Prime Video, the second season of the Spanish fiction The Head that comes to HBO Max or that of Alice in Borderland on Netflix with new survival games that will be a real puzzle.

And if the family preference points to crime (in fiction), the platforms also offer suspense stories as a first course to test your mind on these days off. For example, solving bloody crimes with the premiere of Criminal Minds: Evolution, sequel to the long-running procedural that ended just over two years ago; or travel to Italy in 1978 to relive the kidnapping of Aldo Moro in Exterior noche, on Filmin.

Meanwhile, if what you are looking for is to clear your mind and have a good time, the week of premieres brings with it some comedies that promise to evade company dinners and other Christmas festivities. On the one hand, the third seasons of Emily in Paris are released and there are only two of Mother; on the other, Disney Plus+ premieres Week-end Family, a proposal so that, like the protagonist, the family meets in front of the television to have a laugh.

However, if you still feel like adventure, your favorite genre is fantasy, and you got hooked on The Witcher, Netflix is ​​premiering The Witcher: The Origin of Blood as a gift from Santa Claus , a prequel that will take you 1,200 years before the original fiction with Geralt de Rivia. That same day, Atresplayer Premium also brings another present: the first episode of UPA Next, the sequel to Un paso adelante , which can be seen in its entirety in 2023.

‘Criminal Minds: Evolution’ (December 19, AXN)

This is the series:  The FBI team led by David Rossi meets again to investigate a single case. It is about a network of serial killers created by a criminal in the wake of the pandemic. Once everyone has greater freedom of movement due to the decrease in infections, the network begins its action. The team will have to set out to hunt them down, one murder at a time.

‘Exterior noche’  (December 20, Filmin)

This is the series:  It’s 1978 and Italy is torn by war: the first government backed by a communist party in the history of a Western country is about to rise to power through a historic alliance with the traditional bastion of conservatism. of the nation, the Christian Democracy (DC). Aldo Moro, president of the DC, is the main supporter of this agreement. The same day of the investiture ceremony of this new government formation, March 6, 1978, Aldo Moro is kidnapped during an ambush. His retention will last fifty-five days: fifty-five days of hope, fear, negotiation, failure, good intentions, and terrible acts. The Italian director Marco Bellocchio, director of great works such as The Traitor ,Vincere o Sangre de mi sangre, takes up the Aldo Moro case, which he already dealt with in 2003 with Good Morning, Night, in what is his first and marvelous foray as a series director.

‘Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan’ S3 (December 21, Amazon Prime Video)

This is the series:  The third season of the action and suspense series shows us Jack Ryan on the run and in a race against time. Jack becomes involved in a complicated conspiracy by mistake and becomes a fugitive adrift. Now wanted by both the CIA and an international criminal organization he has uncovered, Jack is forced to go into hiding, traversing Europe and trying to stay alive while avoiding a massive global conflict. John Krasinski is again accompanied by actors Wendell Pierce and Michael Kelly, who are joined by Nina Hoss and Betty Gabriel.

‘Emily in Paris’ T3 (December 21, Netflix)

This is the series:  One year after moving from Chicago to Paris in pursuit of her dream job, Emily finds herself at a vital crossroads. Two very different paths open before her, and she will have to decide exactly where she places her loyalty-both professionally and sentimentally-and what those decisions will mean for her future in France. All this while she continues to experience the surprising adventures and vicissitudes that Parisian life offers.

‘The Head’ T2 (22 de diciembre, HBO Max)

This is the series:  After leaving the international station in Antarctica in which the first season took place, the plot of the second is located in the Alexandria, a scientific ship that houses a large laboratory inside, where Arthur Wilde, the incarnated character by John Lynch, carries out a key mission in the fight against climate change and the guarantee of survival on the planet. After having Alvaro Morte as a national claim in the first installment, the fiction now relies on two other exes from the Netflix series, such as Hovik Keuchkerian (now in the middle of filming  Reina Roja ) and Enrique Arce.

‘Alice in Borderland’ T2 (December 22, Netflix)

This is the series:  In the new season of the adaptation   of Haro Asoara ‘s Imawa no Kuni no Alice manga, Arisu and his companions must overcome even more difficult and dangerous games in order to solve the mystery of Borderland and return to their world.

‘Week-end Family’ (December 23, Disney+)

This is the series:  Composed of 8 episodes, the protagonist is Fred, a family man who, after getting divorced, and having starred in three failed marriages, must meet every weekend with his family and with his children whom he loves so much. However, the conflict occurs when he meets a new person in his life, Emma, ​​with whom he begins to develop a relationship and who must win the affections of her stepsons. Added to this are the difficulties and entanglements of adolescence and the chaos of being a parent, thus creating a very funny family comedy.

‘Mother there are only two’ T3 and Final (December 25, Netflix)

This is the series: The last season of the series promises to close the love story Ana and Mariana. The first will face the network of her ex-partner to dismantle what she believes, according to him, to be a farce in order to win the lawsuit, while Mariana has doubts about her relationship with Ferran, with whom she continues to keep up appearances her.

‘The Witcher: The Origin of Blood’ (December 25, Netflix)

This is the series:  Set in an elven world 1,200 years before The Witcher, The Origin of Blood is a story lost in the mists of time: the story of seven outcasts who join forces against the unimaginable power that has taken it from them. all. His bloody quest for revenge spawns the prototype warlock in a conflict that will unleash the Conjunction of the Spheres, the cataclysm during which the worlds of monsters, humans, and elves merged. In the pools to win at least one Oscar nomination for All at Once Everywhere, Michelle Yeoh stars in this new television iteration of Andrzej Sapkowski’s literary saga.

‘UPA Next’ (December 25, Atresplayer Premium)

So I’m in the series: More than 15 years have passed and Rober returns from the United States with the idea of ​​putting on a great musical and collecting the old UPA hits along with new ones, to shine like years ago. Together with Silvia and Lola, they will start the entrance exams for the school, where a new pool of students, dancers, singers and composers will participate, who can intervene in the musical and bring new rhythms to the center. The teaching team will be joined by Luiso and Sira, who will face a new generation of young people, with whom they will collide and delve into the new cultures and current styles. Miguel Angel Munoz, Monica Cruz and Beatriz Luengo return to give life to their popular characters in this fiction from Globomedia (The Mediapro Studio) from which this first episode is advanced before offering the full can in 2023.

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