EntertainmentLots of laughs in the European Parliament with 'Parliament'

Lots of laughs in the European Parliament with ‘Parliament’


The European Parliament has not needed a series that ridicules its operation, since the corruption scandal that has broken out within it is knocking down its prestige in a devastating way. But it does. The Parliament series, whose two seasons are available on Filmin, emerges even more strongly in light of what happened in Brussels, where a vice-president of the Chamber and other high-ranking officials have been arrested for collecting bags of money for (supposedly) improve the image of Qatar.

There is everything in this series and everything in it fits amaz/ingly well with the reality that has been revealed when the scandal was known. Or even falls short. We have a vice president of Parliament in pectore like the one who has been arrested; we have assistants to deputies who are clever; We have MEPs who look more for their interest than for that of the common. We have soap opera, love affairs. We have picaresque. And at least, unlike reality, here we have humor.

The protagonist, Samy, and another assistant to a deputy invent a Cluedo-style board game to select the best candidates for high office. And the questions that are asked to fit in and discard profiles are laughable: beyond the balance that must be kept between countries of the north and south, east and west, between large and small, left or right, Other factors begin to count, such as: Do you have glasses? That scores well because it conveys responsibility. It is effective? That scores badly, because if you put the most competent people in charge, who the hell is going to do the real work?

And it is better that Borrell not read it, because that is how the president of Parliament ends up being the most useless of the cast, Michel, one of the protagonists, who already shined by his absence from the planet of intelligence in the first season. Chosen by exclusion, the dumb Michel is left in charge of a gear in which the one in charge is actually his chief of staff, of course German. It is this one who will cut the cod while the president in question will entertain himself with the ties, the dreams of him and the official portrait.

Parliament is a series of humor to laugh at us, at Europe and, above all, at the bureaucratic network that has been set up to organize the coexistence of the 27 Member States. There is no Qatargate in Parliament, but there is a fertile environment for lobbies, foreign visitors, clueless Englishmen after Brexit and other members of the fauna that make up the market of influence that are Brussels and Strasbourg to walk like Pedro through his home in the offices while clueless MEPs search for their place.

What ideas are missing? It is not important. The important thing is to sell yourself as if you had them. That there is no project? It doesn’t matter either. The assistant will know how to consult the mobile in time to improvise a new “Blue Deal” for the oceans that will dwarf the “Green Deal”. Can’t you think of an idea? It does not matter: you will assume as your own what the intern has said. That we don’t know who’s really in charge? We will look at the German. Everything goes ahead in the Parliament of this series because the gear works. Including the cliches.

This is how we confirm that the Germans rule and shout, that the Poles want to change everything and don’t know how to do it, that the French are usually stunned and that the English know how to talk about the weather for long hours, and that it always rains there. It is a co-production of Belgium, France and Germany and there is something for everyone.

“All the deputies are psychopaths or idiots”, says the assistant Samy to a MEP without knowing that she is. She has come to change Europe, she says, but in the end, hopefully, she might just hope to save shark fins from mutilating her.

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