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Atresplayer Premium will be the home of the series about Nacho Vidal after the closure of Lionsgate+


Nacho, the series that will portray the birth of the porn industry in Spain through the life of Nacho Vidal, now has a new home: Atresplayer Premium. The announcement, in early November, that the Lionsgate+ platform (until a month earlier, called Starzplay) would stop operating in Spain and six other countries left the Spanish series on the air a few days after its premiere, originally scheduled for this month from December.

After a few weeks of negotiations, in which several platforms have applied to host the premiere in Spain, there has already been a decision and it will be the Atresmedia payment service that will premiere the series within its catalog of original productions, foreseeably before the summer.

In Bambú they breathe easy knowing that the series has a guaranteed home in Spain. Teresa Fernández-Valdés, Nacho’s co-creator, producer and screenwriter, confesses that at the moment they learned that Lionsgate + was leaving Europe and the premiere of the series was suspended, she felt bewildered. “It was totally unexpected news. Nacho was a title to make a lot of noise and get subscribers. At the moment that the Lionsgate base decides that it is going to stop betting on having its own platforms, we are left out. Imagine my face”, says the scriptwriter and producer by phone.

From Lionsgate they were informed that they were looking for a new home for their series in Spain, but she preferred to go to Los Angeles to receive the full information and closely follow the negotiations. “It gave me peace of mind, because one can feel questioned, doubt if expectations were not met. But when I got there I saw that we were an ant in the desert, that it was such a big decision and affected so many teams and so many countries that it was far from the fantasy that it could have something to do with the content.

As a good connoisseur of the Spanish television scene, she wanted to be on top of the negotiation process in order to make the best possible decision about the new destination of the series. There were three very strong bets to welcome Nacho in Spain. “Each one was tempting because of what they represented, they all had their advantages, but I wanted something big. The nature of this series was to make noise, and I didn’t want to fall into an immense catalog of titles, which many pass without shame or glory. Beyond the economic issue, that Lionsgate was fighting for, what I wanted was visibility and notoriety. Atresmedia was the one that made the most complete proposal”, explains Fernández-Valdés. “It brought together the best, the audacity and freedom that we had with Lionsgate to create, with the best possible show house in local terms.”

Atresmedia explains that in Nacho, starring the actor Martiño Rivas, they have found “a series with quality, daring, differential and that tells a very local story”, in the words of José Antonio Antón, Content Director of Atresmedia TV. In addition, the relationship between the communication group and the production company dates back years, with titles such as Velvet, Gran Hotel or Fariña. “Montse García, director of Fiction at Atresmedia TV, and her team read the scripts, watched episodes and endorsed this acquisition. After a few weeks of negotiations, as is usual on television, we were finally able to close the agreement”, describes Antón, who clarifies that, as it is an original from Atresplayer Premium, its full broadcast on Antena 3 is not contemplated.

Although Atresplayer Premium will be Nacho’s home in Spain, it will air on Lionsgate+ in Mexico and other Latin American countries, and where it will be seen in the United States and other European countries has yet to be decided. However, that does not worry Fernández-Valdés, “what would have made me very sad is that he had a tour abroad and not at home. It is a very Spanish story, shot with a very Hispanic character. Although it is a delicate subject, we have given it a very Spanish tone of comedy and drama, because the Iberian male is being portrayed with a lot of humor, even laughing at himself”.

Streaming turmoil

The withdrawal of Lionsgate+ from Spain and other European countries, leaving some series on the air —the second season of the also Spanish Express will only be seen, for now, outside of Spain and the future of another already announced Spanish project has not been clarified by the platform, the adaptation of the X-Rey podcast on the life of King Juan Carlos I—, invites us to reflect on the volatility of the streaming scene. “We are seeing how complex the audiovisual sector is and the fierce competition that exists,” says José Antonio Antón. ”I make a very positive reading from the point of view of Atresmedia, which closes 2022 as the leader of free-to-air television in its best records in more than a decade and that Atresplayer Premium continues to grow and consolidate itself as that local hero. 

“The reading that I do is not so much that there is a content crisis, because the content continues to be sought, different content that attracts attention and that stands out from a massive offer. There is a crisis of exhibitors, because it is not worth it for everyone to have their own platform”, argues Teresa Fernández-Valdés. “Things are changing once again, the market is alive and nothing can be taken for granted. But good content always has a place and space. I also think things are going to change. When there is less competition, the budgets will be reviewed… Now we could be really ambitious. It was a golden moment because by working less you earned more. If the budgets are smaller, to reach those figures it will be necessary to do more hours of fiction. But that doesn’t mean the market is dead. only that we will have to be finer, more skilled and demand more of ourselves. I think there comes a time when we are going to be perhaps a little more content. But the product is still necessary”, completes the screenwriter.

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