FashionLefties Digital Store Montera Madrid, the store of the...

Lefties Digital Store Montera Madrid, the store of the future that is already a reality


Last weekend, the Lefties brand, one of the main accessible fashion companies on the national and international scene, inaugurated its new Lefties Digital Store Montera Madrid in Madrid, its first experiential store in which its customers are offered an experience purchase that fully integrates the physical and online channel-the largest in the world to date. An opening that joins its other Digital Store in the Diagonal Mar shopping center, in Barcelona.

Discover the new Lefties Digital Store Montera Madrid

Located at 25 Montera street, next to the emblematic Gran Via street, one of the capital’s major shopping streets, its three floors house more than 4,000 square meters with the best fashion for women, men, children and babies, trendy and at the best price. In addition, it will have thematic areas that will house the capsule collections, including The Puffer, Ugly X-MAS, NBA, Kelme, Mistral, Kappa, Now Collection, Party, Perfumery, Technology. a, Sportswear and Maternity.

As we said, the space incorporates important technological innovations at customer service that turn shopping into a unique experience and in which, for example, you say goodbye to unnecessary queues. Among others, it stands out its automated silo for the collection of online orders and for returns, intelligent fitting rooms that automatically manage the accesses and the return of garments by means of autonomous belts or payment through the innovative Easy Pay system. .

Upon arrival, a spectacular 3D screen welcomes visitors, showing them that this establishment is different. It is joined by a whole circuit of screens spread throughout the establishment where you can consult the latest clothing collections, for example.

Its more than 4,000 square meters house collections for women, men, and children’s and youth fashion.


But, without a doubt, one of the differential aspects of the new Lefties Digital Store Montera Madrid is that it has unprecedented technology worldwide in the purchase process. Easy Pay is an innovative payment system that uses RFID surround reading to instantly scan the items that customers want to purchase, being able to pay in cash, card or by mobile phone.

To this is added an easy disassembly of the garments (by eliminating the classic plastic alarms) that allows customers to move freely and autonomously throughout the store and eliminates one of the worst inconveniences offline shopping: time to queue to pay.

Technology has also made it possible to end the queues of testers. Thus, the new Lefties Digital Store Montera Madrid has an innovative shift system in fitting rooms that allows customers to access them if they are mostly free. On the contrary, if the capacity of fitting rooms exceeds 50%, the system will activate shifts, allowing customers to continue with their purchase in the store until there are free fitting rooms. To do this, they will receive a notice with the free tester number in the app or by printing a ticket. Likewise, the new fitting rooms incorporate a return mailbox that the customer can use to deposit the garments they do not wish to buy.


Omnichannel between the physical store and the online store has also been improved, thanks to the incorporation of new fully automated collection and return points. In the space called silo, customers can collect purchases made through the website and the official app, just by showing the code received at the time of purchase. Meanwhile, for the return of garments purchased online, it will only be necessary to deposit them in the mailbox after placing the corresponding RFID tag.

These technological developments are combined with other services that offer a unique shopping experience that goes beyond fashion. The on-site garment customization service stands out; the Bombon Boss x Lefties cafeteria, where it is possible to have a drink or a snack to regain strength; water fountains -also for pets, since Lefties Digital Store Montera Madrid is a pet friendly establishment; arcade machines with the legendary Street Fighter video game; or a recycling point for used garments, since the brand is committed to a business model focused on satisfying the demands of its customers, without losing sight of sustainability.


During the opening weekend, which also became a real party thanks to the performances of the singers Ana Mena (Friday) and the Mexican Sof�a Reyes (Saturday), as well as the presence of great DJs, such as Oscar Martinez, from Los 40 principales, Hektor Mass, Laura Put, Pepino Marino, Claudia Leon and Carlos DJ.

Likewise, prominent it girls on the national scene, Paula Gonu and Mery Turiel, who have put a face on the firm’s collections, and the content creators, Susana Molina (better known as Susana Bicho), Madame de Rosa, Sara Bacereiro or Rocoo Osorno, among others, did not want to miss the event either.

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