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If you choose the right television you can save on your electricity bill… and take care of the environment


OLED technology provides televisions with the best image quality while respecting the environment and helping users save on their electricity bills.

With the innovations of recent years we save time, we save money and of course we save energy. In our day to day we have adopted a series of small gestures aimed at being more respectful of the environment and LG has also made an effort to make the most advanced products available to us. This change has been drastic and has led to the search for energy efficiency at all levels.

To meet the demand for efficient and environmentally friendly equipment, different companies have had to get their act together and start developing this type of appliance. LG, on the other hand, has been ahead of technological changes for several generations and this is evident in its current equipment.

In March 2023, a new European regulation will come into force that will change the television market as we know it. This new European regulation will affect both televisions with 4K resolutions and 8K equipment that is reaching the market.

What is it about? In search of making the equipment more efficient, certain models of televisions will cease to be marketed because they have a consumption higher than that indicated by this new European regulation. LG has anticipated this regulation and has its entire portfolio of 4K models within the energy efficiency limit a year earlier, and has several 8K models close to it. This has been thanks to the innovative work of years to be able to place technologies such as OLED in this very eco-technological position.

Energy saving and responsible consumption thanks to LG OLED televisions

LG’s OLED technology, apart from offering unsurpassed audiovisual quality when consuming content, is also one of the most efficient technologies and offers the greatest energy savings to its users. Within the framework of legislation that will arrive in the first quarter of 2023, the advantages of LG OLED televisions shine with their own light.

Thanks to their self-luminous pixels, they are the only ones capable of offering the only pure black, brighter colors and infinite contrast, being the best option when it comes to enjoying our favorite content such as movies, soccer, series, documentaries, gaming.

Audiovisual quality is not the only virtue of LG OLED televisions and, in fact, currently when it comes to betting on these equipment, their energy efficiency is enormously relevant. It is not only that it is respectful with the environment or that it is capable of offering responsible consumption, but also that it saves energy.

And it is that everything is possible thanks to the 9-year experience that LG has in the OLED market and its leadership in sales of this technology worldwide (1) . This experience and innovation in the sector has led him to create the most powerful processor, the 4K a9 Gen5 processor that has Artificial Intelligence to analyze and improve content, without forgetting energy efficiency.

This energy saving is the first step towards an electricity bill with lower consumption. The efficiency of LG OLED televisions are a commitment to the future of audiovisual content reproduction, both for their unbeatable quality and for their efficiency that allows you to enjoy carefree at the end of the month.

To understand this, we must take into account a situation that has developed in recent years. Streaming platforms have changed the way content is consumed. Nowadays, the waits no longer exist. The seasons are seen on the same day they are released, even if that means having the TV on for more than 10 hours.

As the way in which content is consumed has changed, it is necessary to have televisions that know how to optimize this use and take care that energy savings are always present. LG has achieved this with all its televisions, making them ahead of the new European regulations and can continue to offer complete audiovisual experiences.

In particular, LG OLED TVs take full advantage of panel technology that contains more than 33 million self-luminous pixels that turn on and off completely independently to offer energy efficiency above any other television, helping to save up to 1,860 euros on the electricity bill (2)

This figure has been calculated taking into account the new content consumption model; with the television on 8 hours a day for 10 years, with HDR content at all times and with a kilowatt hour price of 0.30 euros. With these numbers you can spend up to 3,000 euros on the electricity bill (3). Having an OLED television is an investment that in the long run pays off for your pocket.

This saving makes much more sense when knowing the work that LG has done to offer an efficient and respectful equipment with the environment. The LG OLED panel is composed of organic fibers, which translates into a lower presence of harmful substances and with a metal back, avoiding the use of plastic.

Design and sustainability

In addition, the LG OLED is a panel that has a design that has optimized space to the maximum. Fewer components have been used, which reduces its weight by up to 39% (4) and thanks to its lightness, up to 1,027 kg of CO2 are saved during transport (5). This design also saves packaging material for which recyclable cardboard is used. Thus, LG is committed to sustainability at all stages: production, transport and recycling.

In short, LG OLED televisions not only set the quality standard when it comes to consuming audiovisual content. They are also in charge of demonstrating that the highest quality can be offered while respecting the environment and, above all, having efficiency as the standard in order to save energy.

LG’s advances in terms of efficiency are not only translated to televisions, completing the audiovisual experience are its sound bars. These teams maintain the essence of LG’s high technology, offering quality sound, clear and that allows everything to sound as it should sound.

As key elements of the commitment to efficiency in LG Sound Bars, it is found that they have obtained the Energy Star certificate that ensures reduced consumption and, in addition, the Standard Carbon Trust Certification with which LG is committed both to measure and to reduce carbon emissions from their products.

This translates to the same thing we’ve seen with LG’s OLED TVs: the boxes are made from recycled materials that have been redesigned to reduce CO2 emissions. Not only that, but the sound bars themselves integrate recycled materials such as fabric made from plastic bottles.

The reasons for betting on OLED technology and LG sound bars are compelling as they combine the highest audiovisual quality together with energy savings and, therefore, savings on the electricity bill. In addition, future savings can also occur today. Thanks to LG promotions you can get your LG OLED TV with up to €1,000 in reimbursement or your LG Sound Bar with up to €300 in reimbursement. So, there is no doubt that it is time to invest and save with your new LG OLED TV and complete the audiovisual experience with one of its sound bars.

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