FashionFrom muffs to arm warmers: sleeves take center stage...

From muffs to arm warmers: sleeves take center stage in 2023


That the small details make the difference is one of the most complicit and accurate statements in fashion. Having the virtue of being able to elevate a simple outfit is something that not all fashionistas are capable of doing, but in an era in which current trends divide the sector between fans of exuberance and devotees of minimalism, a sentence seems to be clear: the sleeves are capable of ascending a look to the top.

This track or style trick is -and actually always has been- one of the most popular this end of the year. And it promises to remain so in 2023.

When puffed sleeves once again made their triumphant entry into the universe of trends a few years ago and became essential in the most striking dresses and shirts of the moment, they may never have imagined that their revival would last for the following seasons. being one of the most viewed bets both in summer and winter looks . In fact, recently we have been able to verify how Jenna Ortega gave them value in her emblematic black dress wearing another of her most popular variants: balloon sleeves. Even, she, in her role as Wednesday Addams, she has made us remember another of the college trends (now vamp )that back in the day we wear all the ones we studied at a private school, the one to add the folded shirt over the sleeve of the jersey. Or in this case, the dress. A pattern that we have also recently seen in Alexa Chung or Michelle Pfeiffer in their looks

There are as many sleeve styles and cuts as we want to imagine, but of all those that have recently been repeated over and over again on the streets, and, beyond the elegant and ultra- chic French sleeve, stand out accessories that have reinterpreted its staging , reminding us of the importance of his role. This is the case of arm warmers, which have also become part of the outfits of the year. In their day they were worn by personalities like Paris Hilton or Gwynn Steffani, now, with the return of all the 2000 fever and ‘Y2K’, we have been able to see them on many of the most photographed influencers and fashion consultants in street-styleand we find them, too, in proposals from firms that take lessons from the ‘Z gene’ like Heaven by Marc Jacobs.

If instead we had to define a trend as one of the most notorious of the year, if we talk about accessories that adorn our arms, gloves take the prize. They have (re)appeared in their extra-long version and are part of both the most elegant outfits on red carpets and those we find in the daily. They are often worn with strapless and sleeveless dresses -as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and other Hollywood divas taught us on numerous occasions- , but we also see them with coats and trench coats rolled up, and even with more groundbreaking airs on other t-shirts and long-sleeved shirts.

A more nostalgic and exclusive bet is, instead, the turn of the sleeves. The trend that Lady Di wore over and over again in her day to protect her arms and hands from the cold, has just landed again at the end of the year to help us withstand the low temperatures of the season. The muffs, which were born when long sleeves began to coexist with short ones and straps, took a real part and began to be a status symbol. After experiencing several ups and downs according to the historical contexts that marked fashion, also celebrities such as Barbara Streisand, Alicia Vikander or Princess Margarita. They were some of the names that taught us to wear them. Now, firms like Fendi seem to recover them and bring them to our closets.

As if it doesn’t seem like enough evidence to say that sleeves are capable of transforming a look and that their leading role is absolute, also in more grunge twists , short-sleeved shirts have returned to long-sleeved shirts. The approval of layering, finally, was ruled in 2028 and, since then, overlays are already part of our day to day. Perhaps for this reason and undoubtedly due to the influence of Kurt Cobain in the 90s and Avril Lavigne in the early 2000s, now this tandem is once again part of the most youthful groups.

If the functionality of the sleeves was already a clear certainty, now there is little doubt (or none) that, in addition, they are also part of the key elements capable of elevating a look to another sphere. History proves it and, now, the brands and fashion experts of the moment are seconding it. Everything predicts that during the next year we will continue adding news to this list.

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