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Best QLED TVs you can buy in 2022


If you want to get one of the best Smart TVs with a QLED panel at the moment, these are the ones you should take into account.

Are you looking to upgrade your TV to a new model and want the best image quality? Well, today you can choose some very good models, at prices that are within the reach of many budgets and with the best image quality.

Right now the OLED and QLED screens are the best valued by consumers. These technologies are slightly different, but they produce superior image quality because only the points that need to be lit are lit instead of the entire panel.

But it is the QLED Smart TVs that have positioned themselves much better thanks to their strong presence and their prices, which have dropped a lot in the last year.

Between OLED and QLED, you are probably more interested in choosing a QLED for only one reason: it has a longer useful life than the other technology, which not only translates into more years of use, but also less “image burn” on the panel.

With higher brightness levels, great color contrasts, and deeper blacks, you’ll get the best possible image quality for watching all your favorite movies, series, and shows.

If they have convinced you, these are some of the best QLED Smart TVs of 2022. They are the best QLED TVs you can buy and at the best prices.

Xiaomi Mi TV Q1 75

Xiaomi Mi TV Q1 75 is Xiaomi’s first Smart TV with a QLED panel and it entered the Spanish market in a big way, never better said, with this 75-inch screen. You can buy it on sale for 1,049 euros at PcComponentes. It is also available in the Xiaomi online store in Spain for its original price, 1,599 euros.

It supports 4K video, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, and with Dolby Audio and DTS-HD audio. It also has HDMI 2.1 to be able to play video at 120 Hz, especially important if you have a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X.

As usual in Xiaomi, it has Android TV as an operating system with access to Google Play and all the streaming apps you may need. It also has integrated Chromecast and the Google assistant.

Hisense E7 QLED

If you are looking for a cheap QLED Smart TV, you undoubtedly have a good option with Hisense TVs. This 50-inch E76GQ series model can now be purchased for less than 500 euros. It features 4K video , HDR10, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos.

It has HDMI 2.1 and Hisense’s VIDAA platform, with the most popular streaming apps you may need, such as YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, DAZN, Plex and many others. It also has Alexa integrated to search for content or control other compatible products, a special image mode for gaming or sports.

Samsung Neo QLED QN90B

One of the most advanced Smart TV models with Samsung’s Neo QLED panel is this QN90B series TV. This Samsung Neo QLED Smart TV is a premium model that can be purchased for 1,099 euros.

With improved brightness and contrast, Neo QLED uses Mini LED technology to control light more precisely, achieving not only a higher level of brightness, but also deeper blacks by reproducing 100% color volume.

This 55-inch 4K and HDR10+ model also has a 4K processor with artificial intelligence to improve images and scale content below 4K, a much thinner and borderless design, HDMI 2.1 connection to play 8K or 4K content at 120 Hz and even a special gaming mode.


TCL continues to grow around the world with its Smart TVs, especially since they offer cheap models with good features, like this TCL QLED C72. The model with a 43-inch QLED panel costs about 400 euros.

It is compatible with 4K and HDR10+, in addition to having Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos sound with speakers from the Japanese brand ONKYO. It also has an HDMI 2.1 connection , so it will support 4K video at 120 Hz, perfect for next-generation consoles like PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X.

It uses Android TV as its operating system, so it also adds the Google assistant and Chromecast.

Samsung The Frame QLED

Among the best Smart TVs with a QLED panel that you can get right now, there is another model that is very worthwhile, and it is a Samsung The Frame. You can get it at MediaMarkt for about 1,000 euros with free shipping.

This Smart TV is designed to become a TV that can go unnoticed on the wall thanks to its frames that try to look like a painting, in addition to its wallpapers of works of art and photographs.

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This 55-inch model has 4K, a QLED 4K processor with artificial intelligence, HDR10+, Tizen as an operating system with all the apps you may need, and a One Connect system, where the screen connects to a central unit with a single flat cable to that can be hidden.

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