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12 loose-fitting winter knit dresses with a high neck from El Corte Ingles that make a great guy


Is there anything more comfortable than a loose knit dress  for winter? It is one of those lifesaving garments with which you can go to work and to a date, combining your accessories well. With flat ankle boots, perfect for the office. With a belt, XXL earrings and high-heeled boots, for a special dinner. 

We looked at El Corte Ingles for a selection of baggy knitted dresses with a high neck (for the coldest ones). Options in different colors and shapes so that when you open the closet, you have the perfect knitted dress. 

How to combine a baggy knit dress 

We take into account shoe trends and those that are always a shoe rack basic so that you can get the most out of your knitted dress in winter. 

  • You can wear it with ankle boots for a youthful and informal look. 
  • Combine it with loafers with track soles (thick and notched), for a comfortable and trendy look. 
  • You can also wear your baggy knit dress with low or medium heel booties in a contrasting color or animal print
  • Cowboy boots , the essentials of this season. 
  • High-top boots with a flat sole in a neutral color such as camel or black. 

Check knitted dress

Midi length knitted dresses like this one are the most flattering. If you also choose it in gray with a maxi checkered pattern with fine white lines, the fashionista touch is greater. We would wear it with high and thin heeled sock boots in black, but they could also be white, why not?

‘Little black dress’ de punto

We all need to have a little black dress in our closet to save us from any special event. The same can be applied to the world of knitwear with this short, long-sleeved, turtleneck design in black. We would wear it with metallic cowboy boots in silver, pink or light blue. A fun touch. 

Knitted Sweatshirt Dress

This model is one of the most original in the selection of baggy knitted dresses with a turtleneck. In beige and with details that remind us of the design of a sweatshirt such as the central pocket, the laces coming out of the maxi-collar, etc. We would wear it with boots or ankle boots, also with sports shoes. All in an urban and informal air. 

Wide knit dress

This short knit dress model will remind you of those super warm sweaters that you always wear with jeans or leggings. It is a very classic design, in caramel brown color and that you can wear as a dress or with pants. As footwear, you have many possibilities. From informal options such as track moccasins to others somewhat more arranged such as low-heeled ballerinas. 

Fine knit dress

Within the world of knitting, this dress is made of a finer and lighter fabric that makes it a super comfortable garment. Long-sleeved, with a perkins neckline and over-the-knee in dark gray (although there are a wide variety of shades to choose from). We would wear it with loafers with contrasting socks.

Knitted dress with ribbon

This knitted dress has a high neckline, long sleeves and a straight cut. It has a belt made of the same fabric and is short, just above the knee. Its caldera color is one of the basics of this time of year. We would take it with boots of military air. 

Knitted midi dress

This dress with side slits on the legs is perfect. The greenish blue color makes it one of the most flattering of the moment. Like the model, we would wear it with high black boots, to cover the part that is exposed from the cold. 

Beige dot dress

It has one of the essential colors in the autumn-winter. This short knitted dress has a high neckline and a loose fit. A toasty beige design that you can combine in many ways. We would wear it, like the model, with high-top boots to show off legs. 

Green knitted dress

A short knit dress at a great price. In addition, this turtleneck dress has long sleeves and a ribbon to mark the figure. We have fallen in love with its super flattering green color and we would wear it with ankle boots or boots of any kind. Also with Oxford type shoes or moccasins. 

Midi knit dress

Gray is one of the easiest tones to combine in winter. That’s why this knitted dress that covers the knees is quite a signing. It has a turtleneck and long sleeves and will help you achieve the most comfortable and elegant looks. We would wear it with a large buckle belt and black boots. 

Long rib knit dress

This long burgundy dress is ideal for this season and adapts to practically all figures. Our favorite combination is with high heeled boots. There is no easier look to recreate than this to be able to go elegant, comfortable and warm. 

Printed knit dress

This printed knit dress is ideal for creating a great look without the need for large accessories. The ideal option when you don’t know what to wear, since such a simple garment can change everything just with its print. Combine it in your day to day with a nude or black bag.

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