Fashion10 festive but basic and elegant Lefties dresses

10 festive but basic and elegant Lefties dresses


Pay attention to the selection of Lefties dresses that we bring you because they are perfect for you to splurge elegance on these special dates. They come in different shapes, colors and fabrics so you can choose the one that best suits you.

How could it be otherwise, these days when the Christmas events are approaching we have our radar super activated to sign those elegant clothes with which to shine on the most special occasions. Among our favorites are the dresses with festive touches with which to be sophisticated and make a difference wherever you go on these long-awaited days. We have gone to Lefties to sign the most beautiful of her collection, and we have prepared a list of 10 options for all tastes that cost less than 30 euros.

In the elegant dresses with a festive touch that you will see below, you will find cheap options with which you will splurge on style. There are short, long, fabrics as ideal as satin, with details such as fringes or transparencies, and colors as typical of the time as burgundy, pink, blue or black. If you combine them with high-heeled shoes, black stockings and maxi jewelry… You’re going to have great looks!

10 elegant Lefties dresses with a festive touch 

Wrap dress with lace

This dress is elegant, it’s super pretty because of its color, and it also makes a great guy because of its shape. It is one of those garments with which you make sure to look impeccable in the events that are to come. With its crossover at the waist and its tone with a good face effect, it will make you shine like never before.

Shiny satin dress

Simplicity and elegance in the same dress. Long and straight cut, this proposal from Lefties is super flattering. His color couldn’t be prettier, and his satin is perfect for a party look where you have to show off your best version.

Blazer dress

Blazer dresses are back with us this season, something we love because they are synonymous with elegance, sophistication and comfort . If it is also a black dress like this one, style and class are more than guaranteed. 

Colorful sequin dress

There is nothing better than some sequins to give a festive touch to the looks. These colored ones are ideal, because they make this Lefties dress a garment as elegant and sophisticated as it is original. With him you will succeed!

Bow neckline dress

Spectacular! This is how this bow takes center stage in this dress. Maxi bows are one of the great trends of the season, and wearing them in a short black dress is a great option to wear them in the most elegant way.

Wrap dress with lace

Ideal! This is how this pink dress is, the trending tone that has been very present throughout 2022. A good-looking and rejuvenating color that favors everyone. In addition, we must highlight its crossover and its waist closure , two details that make a great guy. He has everything to succeed!

Flowy satin dress

As soon as we have seen this dress, we have not been able to resist including it in our review. Its color is beautiful and flatters a lot. Its shape feels great, and the fact that it is fluid stands out because it makes it a comfortable garment to wear and that does not mark. In addition, its satin fabric makes it super elegant.

Fringed Halter Dress

The halter neckline is one of the most elegant and flattering. The color black is always a yes when it comes to betting on an elegant look. And the fringes are a detail that is very popular this season and that provides an ideal movement to garments like this one. In short, this dress is a total success.

Polka dot dress

A little black dress never fails when it comes to wearing a festive and elegant dress. This one is great for those looking for a daring touch, because its moles are combined with transparencies. If you wear it with black stockings, you will give it a super nice elegant touch.

Faux leather shirt dress

Among the most groundbreaking options but with which elegance is not lost, is this leather effect shirt dress. This type of fabric is the top trend this winter and wearing it in a dress is an elegant way to wear it at the same time as canera. Dare because you will be ideal!

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