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The longest trails in the world


The longest distance in the world that can be covered on foot (as relative as this definition may be) appears to be from South Africa, starting in Cape Town, to the far east of Russia, with the city of Magadan as the goal. 

This route would cover 22,088 km (it can vary up to 22,500, depending on the source), the longest route on foot that can be done without taking a single vehicle: the entire route is passable on foot thanks to bridges. 14 times the height of Everest, more than half the circumference of the Earth.

From Cape Town we would cross South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Georgia and Russia.

This road, apart from the fact that just because of the distance and the pace is exhausting, it passes through the third most dangerous country in the world (South Sudan), crosses the Sahara desert and the Siberian steppe, goes through the war in Syria and many hardships more than they provide sensations, surely, nothing pleasant.

In addition, there really is no path that takes you from one city to another, that is, it is not a route that is marked and has been done previously, but rather you have to travel roads, paths and paths with a map in hand.

However, there are other routes, less dangerous and more famous, that do offer an authentic adventure with the minimum security provided by a marked path that many people have gone through before.

We are referring, of course, to the classic hiking trails. We have all gone out to the mountains at some time to visit one of them. However, you must have a very good level, training and willpower to complete some of the longest and most famous in the world.

The Appalachian Trail

With its 3,500 km, this route through the mountains of the east coast of the North American country passes through a large number of states. It begins in the south in Georgia and ends in the north in Mainte. Between these two points you walk through North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire.

Surprisingly, the highest point of the route is 2040 m high. Since the trail crosses the entire mountain range, it would be expected to find some higher peak.

Nature trail in Hokkaido

The cool and dry summer of the cold Japanese island is perfect for hiking. Mountains, volcanoes, glaciers and forests will accompany you during the 4585 km of journey.

Trails of the Continental Divide Range

From Alaska to Central America and from the Labrador Peninsula or Hudson Bay to the western US.

This trail system occupies a total of 4989 km and connects three countries: USA, Canada and Mexico.

It is a dangerous and difficult path, not only because of the wild animals (among them, bears), but also because of the great ascents that it has, up to 4350 m above sea level.

The Great Italian Trail

From Trieste, the trail runs through all the border mountains of northern Italy, continues through the Apennines, crossing the boot until it passes Sicily to end Sardinia. Even the islands are included.

It has been calculated that it takes eight months to cover its 6166 km. The highest altitude is 2738 m above sea level and the journey goes through roads, tracks, trails and poorly maintained paths.

Both its landscape and its climate, from the mountains of the north to the sunny south, are very varied.

The Trans Canada Trail

The longest trail network in the world. Its 23,000 km will take you from the Atlantic to the Pacific or the Arctic.  

Depending on the time of year, horses, skis, snowmobiles or bicycles can be used, in addition to our own feet. There are even sections, and not exactly short ones, where you can go canoeing (through the rivers and lakes).

However, it is possible to do everything on foot.

The route runs through all the provinces into which Canada is divided and joins the extremes of the country.

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