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The best series of 2022 for Spanish scriptwriters


What are the 2022 series that those who write the series have liked the most? The intention of this list was to bring together a number of scriptwriters such that the result was sufficiently representative to draw up a list that brought together the vision of the profession in Spain. The voters on this list are writers of Spanish series. They were asked to choose their five favorite titles broadcast or released in Spain in 2022 and order them from best to least best. They could vote for Spanish or foreign productions, and premieres or new seasons.

After contacting more than fifty, 45 scriptwriters have participated: 23 women and 22 men. Some of those asked preferred not to vote because they considered that they had not seen enough series this year. Others chose only foreign productions so as not to get carried away by affinities. Others, on the contrary, have shown a predilection for the national product. None have voted for their own series, although it was not prohibited. The favorite of each one was given 5 points, 4 to the next one and so on up to 1 to the one that was in fifth place. In the event of a tie, preference has been given to the one that has appeared named on more occasions.

1st – Separation (Apple TV+. 58 points)

The peculiar combination of science fiction, dystopia, thriller and drama created by Dan Erickson is the one that has received the most votes from Spanish screenwriters and appears on 14 lists. The action follows the employees of a company that, through a chip, totally separates their work lives from their personal ones, so that their work self knows nothing of the outside self and vice versa. But some workers begin to question what they are doing there and who they really are.

2nd – Hacks (HBO Max. 43 points)

The second season of the comedy created by Lucia Aniello, Paul W. Downs and Jen Statsky has also swept the guild of Spanish television writers and has been mentioned by 13 of the voters. Filled with agile, funny and ingenious dialogues and supported by the great performances of its protagonists, the story follows two comedians from different worlds but doomed to understand each other on a tour in which they inevitably end up bonding.

3rd – I don’t like driving (TNT. 33 points)

Two Spanish series rank very high in this classification. The comedy created by Borja Cobeaga has been mentioned by 10 of his classmates when asked as one of the best television dramas of the year. Its six chapters walk between comedy and feelings to tell the adventures of Pablo Lopetegui, a university professor back from everything who, after 40, intends to learn to drive.

4º – La Ruta (Atresplayer Premium. 32 puntos)

Close by, and also on 10 lists, is the drama by Roberto Martin Maiztegui and Borja Soler that recreates the Valencian Bakalao Route to tell the vital journey of a group of friends who take refuge at night and the discos while trying to find their their own way and deal with their inner ghosts. The story, to curl the loop, is told in reverse order, from the end of its journey to the beginning, when everything was yet to be written.

5th – The rehearsals (HBO Max. 31 points)

This extreme experiment has been very much to the taste of Spanish scriptwriters. Nathan Fielder is the person in charge and the protagonist of a documentary program in which the viewer is allowed to doubt if what he sees is real, as it pretends to be, or fiction. The starting point is the opportunity that the person in charge of it offers other people to rehearse vital decisions to reach that moment with all the variables controlled. But the consequences are unforeseen, like life itself.

6th – The White Lotus (HBO Max. 26 points)

It was born as a miniseries, but its success was such that it earned a continuation. The second season of the satire created by Mike White takes his characters to a hotel in Sicily to explore the politics of sex from very different perspectives. The incisive scripts and the crossing of relationships between characters; what is said and what is suggested; the tragicomic thriller that becomes its final stretch… With the season just over, there are plenty of reasons to place it among the best of the year.

7º – Irma Vep (HBO Max. 26 puntos)

The meta-referencing game played by the French filmmaker Olivier Assayas has been very popular within the audiovisual industry. Alicia Vikander exudes charisma to star in this story that adapts, in a serial version, the film that Assayas signed in the nineties and which, in turn, tells how an updated version of a silent film classic, Les Vampires, is prepared. A series that takes advantage of the internal chaos of contemporary cinema and everything that surrounds it.

8th – Euphoria (HBO Max. 23 points)

The youth drama written by Sam Levinson and starring Zendaya is a whirlwind full of visual force, aesthetic risks and exalted feelings. The journeys of its characters are taken to the extreme in its second season, on a path of self-destruction with drugs at the center (and a very hard episode in which Zendaya shines) and a final musical work that puts the characters before the mirror. The drama of being young was never as radical on television as it is in this series.

9th – The Bear (Disney+. 23 points)

The chef of the best restaurant in the world has to return home and take over his brother’s sandwich restaurant after his brother’s death while dealing with anxiety and incomplete grief. Christopher Storer signs this drama with overtones of black comedy and a devilish pace that reflects the speed at which work is done in the kitchen.

10th – Easy (Movistar Plus+. 21 points)

Anna R. Costa’s series adapts the book by Cristina Morales Easy reading. It follows four women with disabilities who live in a sheltered apartment and who have to adapt to rules they don’t understand while the rest of the world doesn’t seem to understand them. The journey they make of self-discovery runs parallel to that of the viewer to understand them.

11º – The Dropout (Disney+. 15 puntos)

Elizabeth Meriwether is the creator of the series that tells the true story of Elizabeth Holmes, founder of Theranos and who wanted to revolutionize the health industry. She turned out to be a con artist, but the road is exciting and Amanda Seyfried rides it.

12th – The House of the Dragon (HBO Max. 13 points)

In this prequel to Game of Thrones, screenwriter Ryan J. Condal travels to the past of the Targaryen family to tell what Daenerys’ ancestors were like. The war for the throne is now limited to one house but the soap opera (with dragons) is served.

13º – Dahmer (Netflix. 12 puntos)

Ian Brennan and Ryan Murphy sign this fiction based on the story of the serial killer known as the Milwaukee Monster told from the perspective of the victims to denounce the ineffectiveness of the police in the face of repeated complaints.

14th – Time to win (HBO Max. 12 points)

Its 10 episodes delve into the eighties of the Los Angeles Lakers to follow the personal and professional lives of both the players and the coaches or managers. Adam McKay puts the personality of him as director of the pilot of the series created by Max Borenstein and Jim Hecht.

15º – Better Call Saul (Movistar Plus+. 12 puntos)

The batches of final chapters of the series created by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, and which told how Jimmy McGill became Saul Goodman, has received applause from critics and the public, and also from the writers.

16th – Intimacy (Netflix. 11 points)

The lives of two women, a politician and a company worker, are turned upside down after the leak of intimate videos. Each one will face the situation in a different way in this drama created by Laura Sarmiento and Veronica Fernandez.

17th – The Crown (Netflix. 11 points)

The fifth season of the fiction based on the reign of Elizabeth II has reached the nineties and has given the leading role to Diana and Carlos de Gales. Peter Morgan’s careful scripts continue to seduce his colleagues.

18th – The Peacemaker (HBO Max. 11 points)

The character from The Suicide Squad is just another misfit in this comedy that laughs at everything laughable with crude humor and an almost surreal story by James Gunn.

19th – For all humanity (Apple TV +. 11 points)

This uchrony, created by Ronald D. Moore, Ben Nedivi and Matt Wolpert in which the USSR reached the Moon before the US, takes its astronauts to Mars in the third season. Science fiction and personal drama intersect with very good results.

20th – Better days (Amazon Prime Video. 10 points)

Cristobal Garrido and Adolfo Valor are the creators of this drama about four strangers who attend a grief therapy group for parents who have lost their partner. Heart and points of humor in one of the national surprises of the year.

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